Author. Wife. Mother. Disciple.

Hi, I’m Wendi.

My story begins with an idyllic childhood full of wonder and love…and a generous dose of perfectionism. I grew up in faith and knew from an early age that God was a God of Love, but along the way that view got distorted and I came to understand God as Someone I could only please with my behavior. My identity—and therefore my confidence— was completely tied up in how “good” I was, so I decided to be very, very good. At least by the standards of my evangelical Christian upbringing.

When I was diagnosed with OCD at the age of 22, I came to the abrupt and very painful realization that my behavior had not prevented me from suffering. While the years since my diagnosis have included some very deep wounds, they have also included the greatest joys of my life: my marriage, my children, and the ministry of community. So I like to say that while I would not wish the pain of OCD on anyone, I would also not remove it from my story because it has enriched my understanding—indeed it has healed my view—of who God actually is, and it has cultivated compassion in my once (and still sometimes) judgmental heart.

My first two books — The Best Kept Secret and The Next Best Thing — were young adult novels. I love to read fiction, especially historical dramas with a bit of gothic flair, but my favorite stuff to write these days are true stories about the intersection of faith with motherhood, marriage, and mental illness.

For nine years, I have helped women discover the beauty of a faith that moves away from performance and towards intimacy with Jesus and each other. Because of my OCD and the healing I've received through community with fellow believers, I feel most at home when walking alongside people through the redemptive work of Christ, and sharing in the joy—and pain—of that experience.

I firmly believe in the healing power of good coffee and conversation, and it seems to me that if we all read a little bit more—especially if we read books written by people who are nothing like us—perhaps the world would be a happier place.

Some other fun things to note about me:

  • I’m a proud alumna of Georgia Southern University (#TrueBlue)

  • We cannot be friends if you refuse to use the Oxford comma. This is not hyperbole.

  • I believe (well, know) that the Harry Potter series is the greatest literary contribution of our time.

  • I’m an Enneagram 1 (see above statement for confirmation) with a strong 9 wing. Basically, I think I’m right all the time but I’ll definitely cry if I’ve hurt your feelings.

  • I have traveled to fifteen countries but only ever lived in one state.

  • Being by the ocean makes me feel like I could never be sad again.

  • For ten years, I have been married to another wonderful introvert and, together, we parent an extroverted five-year-old who never meets a stranger and a tiny baby boy who is already growing too fast. They are the best things I have ever created and the sweetest stories I will ever write.

  • I love Jesus and use a lot of colorful language, two things I don't find mutually exclusive in the least.

Thanks for being here!

Unless you write yourself, you cannot know how wonderful it is.
— Anne Frank

My Official Bio:

Wendi Nunnery is the author of multiple novels, a devotional, and the forthcoming nonfiction title Good Enough: Learning to Let Go of Perfect for the Sake of Holy. She is the host of the highly-rated Sooo OCD Podcast and her work has appeared in national publications like The Huffington Post and SUSIE Magazine, as well as a number of popular lifestyle blogs. Born and raised in small town Georgia, Wendi now lives in Atlanta with her husband of ten years and their two awesome kiddos. When she’s not reading, drinking coffee, or looking up random relatives on Ancestry.com, you can find Wendi sitting outside on the porch or bingeing whatever period drama is currently streaming on Netflix.