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Happy spring!

It has only been in the last few years that I've come to love spring. Warmer weather after a cold winter is always nice because I despise the icy chill of January, but I grew up in Georgia where even winter is still fairly mild in comparison to the blistering snowstorms of the Midwest. During my childhood and college years, I lived for summer and fall, for beach days and football season, but now, with a spunky toddler in the house, when spring arrives it's almost like Christmas. We take off our shoes and make a beeline for the outdoors where, along with that pesky yellow pollen, the world has come to life again.


Sixty minutes. 

That’s how long my dad waited for me to gather my courage and try a standing back handspring one warm spring night when I was eleven. I had been taking gymnastics lessons on and off since the age of five, and now I was working towards the big skills. I was also terrified of breaking my neck or, worse, embarrassing myself.

Because Waiting Is Not Enough

Back in 2009, I got the news that I was going to be published for a national audience for the very first time. The publication? SUSIE Mag (which became the now defunct SISTERHOOD Magazine, a reboot of Focus On The Family's Brio). The article? A sweet—and thoroughly incomplete—essay titled "Does True Love Really Wait?"

Beginning Again

Here I am once more, at the start of something new, trying to find my way as I wrestle with all the things I think I should be doing, like eating perfectly, making less waste, spending more time in the Word, giving, giving, giving...

My life is a big collection of shoulds.

Tiny Pretty Pieces // 02

I think the world could use some funny/lovely/inspiring/uplifting things to consume today, as opposed to the partisan/divisive/angry rhetoric unfolding on social media, so I'm coming to the rescue. (Maybe. You might think Betty White being open to "fooling around" at age 95 is gross, to which I'd say YOU ARE NOT EVEN WELCOME HERE.)

Tiny Pretty Pieces

This may or may not become a series. I still haven't quite decided since I tend to have big ideas that spark and then fizzle after about five minutes. But, for now, I like the idea of sharing a few pieces of my week here and there as an exercise in gratitude over life's small wonders. Social media tends to drain all my thankfulness and pervert it into the monster of comparison, so I hope these posts will encourage you to stop every little while and take a look at the tiny pretty pieces in your life.

The Next Best Thing Q+A

The Next Best Thing is coming out tomorrow and, you guys, I'm feeling some kinda way about it.