About Wendi

Hi there, internet friend! 

I'm Wendi and I am a writer and reader, through and through. I'm the author of The Best Kept Secret and The Next Best Thing—a young adult series—as well as a blogger for The Huffington Post. For the last five years, I have worked as a freelance writer and my work has been featured in Mother Writers, The Simply Beloved, Introvert, Dear, and SUSIE Magazine. I'm currently working on my first non-fiction book proposal, so I'm sure that will keep me busy for awhile. Please send coffee. 

I am a proud alumna of Georgia Southern University and an Oxford comma disciple. We cannot be friends if you refuse to use the Oxford comma. This is not hyperbole. For eight years, I have been married to another wonderful introvert and, together, we parent an extroverted three-year-old who never meets a stranger. She is the best thing I have ever created, and the sweetest story I will ever write. 

Most importantly, I love Jesus and use a lot of colorful language, two things I don't find mutually exclusive in the least.

I welcome your questions, comments, stories, and messages anytime! You can email me at wknunner1@gmail.com. Just keep the bullshit to a minimum, if you please. 

Thanks for reading! I'm so glad you're here.