Making Resolutions, Just For Fun

Okay, I know. It's not even Christmas and I'm already talking about resolutions. I am that person right now. I own it.

It has been said before that we don't have to wait until New Year's to make changes in life, but there is something so renewing about the turning of the calendar pages. This feeling can more than likely be attributed to some facet of my OCD, but starting fresh on the first day of a new month of a totally new year seems so tidy and organized and right. As we near January 1st, and as I reflect on the changes in our home and lives, I've drawn a few conclusions about how I personally want to proceed in 2018 and for...well...ever.

I've been pretty talkative about the way I think of food and waste and health these days. It has changed a ton and keeps changing daily as I examine how my body responds to certain things or learn new information about toxins, climate change, and the impact our economy has on so many others. I've finally got a pretty solid system going—which includes a whole bunch of stuff I've written about in these posts—and now that I'm pretty comfortable in this arena, I want to take my health and eco-consciousness a bit further as we step into a new year.

Onto the resolutions! (Just for fun, of course.)

1) Practice yoga three times weekly.

I've been doing this on and off for about two months and it is THE. BEST. It is also something of a spiritual practice for me, as it is for many, and gives me time to rest and meditate on God's Word. I am going to begin working on handstands soon, so I'll likely have some wicked bruises in the near future.

2) Go plastic-free. *Facepalms*

This is going to be tough. We recycle SO. MUCH. PLASTIC each week, but that is not really helping the problem. The number of resources it takes to produce plastic, ship it, and then break it down and recycle it (where it can only be re-used once) are exponential, harmful, and incredibly wasteful. It's better to simply refuse plastic altogether. I use creamer every day, and even the kind that comes in cartons has plastic lids that are largely non-recyclable, so I'm going to make my own. I've tried this a dozen times before and my creamers are never that palatable. Danielle Walker, I'm relying on you to save me!

3) Go paleo-vegetarian. 

Again, this is a way of eating I've been practicing on and off for some time, but I want to make it permanent. I'm already dairy, gluten, and soy free (with the random exception for holidays or birthdays here and there) so this won't be too terribly difficult. It is hard at family events or if we go out to dinner, but part of eating this way means cooking more at home, as well. (Bonus! This also reduces waste.) I have no moral objections to eating meat when done ethically (and, yes, I believe that's possible) and having clean animal protein in my diet always does wonders for my skin. But I do have objections to the way meat production affects our environment, both in raising it and also in the packaging and waste created as a result. For me, this is just a necessary step towards going plastic-free, supporting local farms, and finalizing how I eat once and for all.

I have a few other resolutions that I think both possible and beneficial for my overall health, and I'll be incorporating these into my daily and weekly routines, as well:

- Stop biting my nails (an accomplishment thirty+ years in the making)
- Speak comfortably in Spanish (with the help of my fluent bff, Lauren!)
- Learn a few more knitting techniques and finish the scarf I've been working on
- Practice the guitar and begin writing music again
- Take dance classes

What will bring me joy and contribute to the joy of others around me? How can I make changes that will also support abundant life for people I may never even meet? How can I, in taking care of myself, care for my neighbors and family? Joy is an essential part of this whole life experience, so that's where I'm putting my focus this year.

What are some of your resolutions for the new year (or just because)? Share in the comments!

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