When Life Gets Quiet

I don't blog nearly as much as I did in the past. I remember, back in 2012 when blogging was really in its heyday and suddenly every semi-religious mama with pretty kids and cute style was bringing home six figures, I tried my hand at making this space A Thing. I tried style posts (cringe), took my camera with me to the yogurt shop (before we had iPhones), and copied pretty much every blogger I admired in an attempt to matter.

Like many of us do with Instagram these days, I exhausted myself trying to be someone else's version of lovely. And for what? Attention? Money? Importance? None of which I achieved, mind you. Even I didn't believe myself. So when I had a mental breakdown in early 2013 (not triggered by blogging, I should clarify) followed by the realization that I was pregnant with Lucy, I decided to try, instead, for honesty.

And like most things, honesty really was the best policy.

Now, I definitely don't garner enough traffic to make money off this blog, nor do I care about anything like that. But I have cultivated a special place for myself on these here internets, a place where I have memorialized the earliest years of motherhood, the process of writing two books and seeing them published, and the decidedly unglamorous struggle to live with mental illness.

And I'm quite proud of it. I'm even proud of my posts from 2012. (They make me laugh, anyway.)

I'd like to try my hand at blogging more regularly these days. So much is changing in my little world, in all the small and quiet ways that life often changes, and it will do my soul some good to step away from the rigamarole of books proposals and grant applications and social media to simply write what I know for the sheer joy of collecting my thoughts and sharing them.

If you've been reading since 2012, God bless your soul and you have my apologies. If you're somewhat newer, I'm glad you're here.

As always, thanks for reading. I'll see you again real soon.