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Happy spring!

It has only been in the last few years that I've come to love spring. Warmer weather after a cold winter is always nice because I despise the icy chill of January, but I grew up in Georgia where even winter is still fairly mild in comparison to the blistering snowstorms of the Midwest. During my childhood and college years, I lived for summer and fall, for beach days and football season, but now, with a spunky toddler in the house, when spring arrives it's almost like Christmas. We take off our shoes and make a beeline for the outdoors where, along with that pesky yellow pollen, the world has come to life again.

Earth Day is coming up this weekend, on April 22nd, and while we are still a very long way off from being a totally green family (and honestly I don't know if we'll ever be), I have documented some changes we've made around our home in the last couple of years (check them out here, here, and here) and how we continue to examine what we use, buy, eat, and consume. Sometimes we buy ALL the plastic and forget to care. And sometimes we are diligent about bringing our own grocery bags, shopping in bulk, making our own detergents, using cloth towels, and repurposing glass bottles. It's always a work in progress, and I am thankful for how people have worked to educate our society about the healing we can bring to our world with even the smallest changes.

In honor of Earth Day, I'd like to leave you with this list of things you can try to help make our world a cleaner, healthier place to live.

1) Sign up for clean energy

For absolutely free (or for a small charge if you want to upgrade), you can get energy for your home from a sustainable source. I signed up this morning and it took about five minutes! (Don't worry about changing providers; this program matches with your current provider). Do it while you prep your coffee maker and by that first tiny sip, you'll have made a big difference.

2) Make your own laundry detergent and all-purpose cleaner

It takes just a few ingredients and you can repurpose those glass jars you have lying around while you're at it!

3) Invest in a menstrual cup

I bought mine about six months ago and while it takes some getting used to, it makes a huge impact on reducing waste.

4) Sign up for an Earth Day clean-up in your area

5) Use rags instead of paper towels to tackle those dusty areas in your home

6) Plant a tree

7) Refuse plastic bags in the produce section of the grocery store (and plastic bags altogether)

I always toss my produce into the buggy and let 'em roll around. They get scanned by weight either way, whether packaged or roaming free, so why not reduce the plastic?

8) Purchase a safety razor

Pierce bought me this one from Amazon and I love it!

9) Bring a glass or reusable plastic cup to grab your morning latte

Some places even provide a small discount for bringing your own cup.

10) Refuse straws

Happy Earth Day!


What are some things you do to help reduce waste and live a more green lifestyle?

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