Tiny Pretty Pieces

This may or may not become a series. I still haven't quite decided since I tend to have big ideas that spark and then fizzle after about five minutes. But, for now, I like the idea of sharing a few pieces of my week here and there as an exercise in gratitude over life's small wonders. Social media tends to drain all my thankfulness and pervert it into the monster of comparison, so I hope these posts will encourage you to stop every little while and take a look at the tiny pretty pieces in your life.

1. This small glimpse of what the rest of Lucy's floor looks like on a daily basis.

2. A disassembled Russian nesting doll, and the hand-me-down bell that got shattered not ten minutes later.

3. This empty clementine box from the farmer's market, ready to be filled again.

4. These pink roses, a gift from my friends to celebrate my book's release.

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