Clean(er) Living: Compost Bins, Menstrual Cups, and Other Weird and Wonderful Things

One of the things my husband first loved about me was what he called my "free spirit." When we met, I was a junior in college and still pretty judgmental about things that most young Christian girls are (especially evangelical ones), but I was also silly, spontaneous, and deeply compassionate. Pierce thought those were some of my best qualities. Now, ten years after we started dating and nearly eight years after we got married, my husband still loves my free spirit...only these days it looks, well, different than it did back then.

The Next Best Thing: Blurb Reveal!

(An alternate title to this post is "The Next Best Thing: What The Heck Is Gonna Happen Now, Wendi?")

I've got a little something special for you guys today! If you continue scrolling, you'll be one of the first people to read the official back cover blurb for my latest novel, The Next Best Thing! I included this most-beloved photo of me at my alma mater, Georgia Southern University, because that's where the book is set, OBVS. Did you really think Emma would go to college somewhere else?

Why I'm Self-Publishing This Time Around

Okay, I've completely fallen off the blog wagon. I can't even remember the last time I wasn't writing a script, or editing my book, or working on the magazine. It's been an insane few months. We've been traveling with church, staying busy with friends and family, working a whole lot, and potty training our toddler. All good things, all good things. But it's nice to be back on this space again, if only for myself.