Letters to Lucy: After the Fire

Dear Lucy,

Sometimes being a mama is hard. Sometimes being a human is hard. Loving you is the easy part. But there are days when I want to crawl under the covers and never come out again. Motherhood, in many ways, is synonymous with fear. The responsibility of creating and growing and raising a child is as wonderful as it is frightening, and the heavy weight of these two opposing forces can sometimes take a rather large toll on the psyche.

Crushed by Layne Gray: A Review

Hi friends! It's a new week so, naturally, it's time for a new book review. It's also spring break for a lot of my high school girls and teacher friends, and I think Layne Gray's debut novel Crushed will appeal to anyone who's spending their whole week being lazy on the beach. (Also, I am not jealous of you guys. Nope. Not at all.)