A Picture Says A Thousand Words

When I think about our trip to Oahu last summer, there is one day in particular that stands out to me.

It was a Saturday afternoon and things were pretty quiet around my sister's house. We had only been on the island for two days and were still tired from the jet lag and our day on the North Shore. But, since it was Hawaii  - and HELLO how often do you get to go there? - my sister and nieces were antsy to get out of the house. My energy levels weren't quite up to theirs (see: thirty-year old mother of a toddler), but I was anxious, too. My mother graciously offered to watch Lucy so I could take the girls out for an adventure, and with the help of Kati's GPS and my older sister's hatchback we were soon traveling across the island with no real idea about what we would find.

There is something, dare I say, spiritual about going to new places. Nothing much on earth is undiscovered, but if you travel somewhere you've never been before there is an other-worldly element to the experience. People actually live here, you think. They get to see this everyday.

When the five of us searched for amazing beaches on Oahu, mapped a destination, and then hopped in the car to go find it, we had no idea we would stumble upon this:

Kailua had everything our small-town Southern girl minds had imagined a Hawaiian beach would have: turquoise water, volcanic outcroppings, pristine sand the texture of baby powder, and views like no other. It was, quite literally, heaven on earth.

I brought my Nikon with me on the trip to take photos, but this picture was captured with my sister's iPhone. And when I heard that Social Print Studio was challenging people to share their favorite photos from 2015, this snapshot was the first one that came to mind. During our drive home from Kailua, none of us could keep our chill and we droned on and on about how we couldn't wait to back. We certainly weren't the first people to marvel over a beach on a tropical island, nor would we be the last. But it was our first. And I feel so incredibly lucky that I got the chance.


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