The Lake House (Or Cabin, Whichever You Prefer)

This past weekend, my small group got together and spent a few days at a house on Lake Oconee. Lindsay's in-law's own the house and they use it as a space for ministry where people can come and stay for a weekend, or a retreat, or just because their small group wants to reconnect. We visited over Labor Day weekend two years ago (when I was hugely pregnant) and it was just as beautiful as I remembered, although getting to see the house and lake during the peak of fall was appreciated. Those leaves! That crisp, cool air! Oh, and let's not forget the s'mores. A must. Also, we might have gone through about twelve gallons of coffee. It's nice to find women who just understand what life is about, you know?

The group has changed a bit since 2013, but the joy of having friends to share life with has only increased. In the three years we've been together, we've lost and added members, bought homes, started and finished grad school, endured illnesses, (almost) read through the entire bible, and brought four new humans into the world! And having a few days to be away from the stress of life as a group was revitalizing. Or, like Emily said, like "chicken soup to the soul." I love these women so darn much. 

(Rachel and Mary Beth, we missed you so much!)

A few pictures from our weekend:

Jess made these garlic + herb crostinis for lunch on Saturday and I think I ate half of them. So. Good.

More coffee. Of course.

Mimosas in the morning! Or, actually, mimosas without the juice. So just champagne. Yeah, we had champagne for breakfast.

The most beautiful small group, inside and out.

A gift. That's what these women are. 

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