The best part of me is you.

"The best thing she was, was her children." - Toni Morrison, Beloved

When Pierce and I got married, seven years ago this November, I searched and searched for something cute to put on the front of our wedding program. Now I should mention that this was a few years before Pinterest, so as much as it pains me to remember some of the details of our wedding that turned out less-than-stellar (*cough that groom's cake cough*) most of it was lovely, if a little imperfect. Our programs were one such detail. 

I printed them at work (Yes, I used office supplies from my job and lots of ink, too. Yes, I stole. I admit it.) and I was about fifty short. 

"Well," I thought, "One-hundred and thirty people really means about fifty or sixty families. And surely the kids won't care about having a program...right?"

The first rule of wedding planning is "Plan for Enough, Dork." Needless to say, we ran out of programs.


It turned out pretty well, all things considered. And this was the quote I found to use on the cover:

"The best part of you."

I find it oddly wonderful that this was the phrase we used to begin our life together. And now we're parents to this beautiful little human named Lucy, and she is truly the best thing about us.

I can't believe she's almost two years old. Truly. Pierce skimmed through some old videos on his phone last night, most of which we hadn't seen since last year, and we couldn't stop looking at each other. Parents, you know the expression. The "How Was She Ever That Little?" Face. Because, really. HOW WAS SHE EVER THAT LITTLE?

It's so much fun to be your mama, Lucy Goose. Thanks for showing up and rocking our world. We love you.

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Leandra Wallace said...

Parenting is simply amazing, isn't it? And I love her nickname, Lucy Goose, so cute!