Little Snapshots

I love facts. History + genealogy are my jam, as are biographies + documentaries. Which is why I will stalk people (alive and dead) online to find out random tidbits about their lives, such as how many times that author was rejected before he got published or why that girl decided against natural birth. If I watch a movie and turn to IMDB for an answer to "Is that actress really British?" it will inevitably turn into an hour-long research session on her previous roles and her favorite ice cream flavor. People interest me. Quirks are fun. And so are lists of random facts.

It started as a post about my book signing + turned into an ode to Georgia Southern.

Last weekend, my best friend Lauren and I traveled down to our alma mater for a book signing. Needless to say, I was stoked about going back to our old stomping grounds and overjoyed that the University Store director had happily agreed to host me (during one of the busiest weekends of the semester, no less). A few weeks prior to the event, I had sent the university marketing director a flyer for the book signing I assumed would be printed on regular ol' paper and taped to some windows. So when I walked into the bookstore on Saturday morning, and saw this instead:

Well, it's pretty clear that I was happy about it.

Cover Reveal: The Fulfillment by Erin Rhew

Layla’s world tumbles out of control when she discovers the truth of her parentage and realizes the
Prophecy—the one she upended her entire life to defend—is incomplete. When her new friends share
the entire Prophecy, the revelations contained within it alter her destiny and challenge everything she
and Wil believe in. Now, she must confront the Outlander queen to save the Ethereal kingdom while
grappling with this new reality.

Reading is a Right

International Literacy Day was this week, and it's astonishing to realize how many people across the globe are still living without access to education or the tools to communicate effectively. It's heartbreaking, really, because - to me - literacy feels like a human right. Without it, a person has little hope of breaking free of the cycle of poverty. Or of experiencing a future that looks as bright as she deserves.

a day in the life.

Who cares, really?

My life is certainly not more interesting that anyone else's. And, yet, I get lots of questions, mostly from younger readers, asking what it's like to be an author.

The best part of me is you.

"The best thing she was, was her children." - Toni Morrison, Beloved

When Pierce and I got married, seven years ago this November, I searched and searched for something cute to put on the front of our wedding program. Now I should mention that this was a few years before Pinterest, so as much as it pains me to remember some of the details of our wedding that turned out less-than-stellar (*cough that groom's cake cough*) most of it was lovely, if a little imperfect. Our programs were one such detail.