Up To I Do: A Review

Happy Friday!

I haven't done a book review in quite some time, but since it's Harry Potter's birthday it feels only right that I should break my streak and share some book love. I'm excited to talk about this particular release because it's the fourth novel from my online literary friend, Samantha March. Samantha is the founder of Chick Lit Plus, a popular book and beauty blog, and the rapidly growing small press, Marching Ink. I've never had the pleasure of meeting Samantha in person, but we've worked together on blog tours and other projects for a few years now and she's pretty awesome at what she does.

Up To I Do: Release Day!

Wednesday is always a good day, right? It's the middle of the week, you're past those Monday blues, and the weekend is on its way. And this Wednesday is particularly awesome for my author friend, Samantha March, because it's release day for her fourth novel, Up To I Do!

Letters to Lucy: The Four Loves

Dear Lucy,

Have I ever told you how I met your dad?

You’re barely two. No, I haven’t. And you definitely don’t care right now. But you might one day and then I’ll be glad to tell you the story. 

This letter also falls into the category of "Things Lucy Doesn't Understand Yet" but while the story of How I Met Your Father will likely only interest you (once you're old enough), I'd be lying if I said I didn't hope this letter would encourage others. Because I do. That's the thing about sharing our experiences, Lucy. It helps to know we aren't alone.

A Week on Oahu

Last week, the day after we returned home from The Walk, Lucy and I packed our bags and joined my mom and sister, Kati, on a flight to Oahu! My older sister, Beth, and her hubby, Sean, moved there in January because he's in the Army and is currently stationed at Scholfield Military Base.

The Walk '15

So, I'm a leader. A co-leader, actually, of a really awesome group of high school students. If you've been reading this blog for any significant length of time, you know that Pierce and I are actively involved with our church - Buckhead Church to be exact, which is one of five Atlanta-area campuses of Northpoint Community (also known as "Andy Stanley's church"). We are both co-leaders with Inside Out, the high school ministry, and I lead a group of about ten sophomore girls. Two weeks ago, we went to Panama City for Inside Out's annual beach trip called The Walk.