Lucy's 1st Trip to Zoo Atlanta

Last weekend, we took Lucy to the zoo for the first time (outside my belly, anyway). We spent the week before telling her, "Lucy, we're going to the zoo!" and asking, "Do you want to go see the lions and the monkeys?" to which she would just stare wide-eyed at us like the crazy new(ish) parents we are. We were just so excited to see what her reactions would be. Turns out, she went a little nuts over the flamingos at the beginning (to which she shouted "Quack, quack!") and basically ignored everything else.

Eh, you win some, you lose some.

The good news is that we just purchased a one-year membership to Zoo Atlanta so we still have plenty of time to acclimate her to funny animal smells and hot, sticky Georgia summers. Which is a relief, I know.

One day, we'll let Lucy know that not every bird is a duck. For now, we can't get enough of those little quacks.

I took this same photo two years ago when I was 18 months pregnant. We have a new Nunnery family tradition!

Now if you made it to the end of this post, I leave you with this photo of Lucy. You're welcome.


Cassie Eliya said...

that little ponytail.... oh my!

Wendi Nunnery said...

I know! Her little pigtails just slay me.

Christy said...

We took Grayson to the Jacksonville Zoo this time last year and he loved it! We're going to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC at the end of the this month and I'm so excited!! He loves animals, so I feel like he's going to have a really fun time. But you never can tell with toddlers, can you? haha! I went to Zoo Atlanta so much growing up, but I haven't been in many years! Maybe this time next year and we can have a zoo in May tradition! lol! Lucy is TOO cute! :)