Freebies, and such.

Hi there!

I hope you had a happy, safe Memorial Day weekend. We watched my little sister graduate high school (*tear*), had a cookout with my in-laws, did some yard/house work, and took Lucy to the zoo again. We also managed a two-hour (!) nap on Saturday, all three of us. At the same time. It was heavenly.

Speaking of heaven.

My debut novel, The Best Kept Secret, is being released next Tuesday! I've waited so long for this day, and now it's almost here. I'm truly astonished at my good luck, having found the best publisher and a fabulous team of people who worked super hard to help make this story what it is.

For those of you who haven't pre-ordered your copy of TBKS yet, I've got a little something to encourage you. And for those of you who have (thanks!) or if you're waiting until June 2nd to snag a print copy, here's something to tide you over:

Starting today, the first chapter of TBKS can be found for free on this little blog.

If you like what you read, follow this link to pre-order. Also, don't forget to add TBKS to your Goodreads and tell your friends about it!

That's all for now. Tuesday can't come fast enough.

Lucy's 1st Trip to Zoo Atlanta

Last weekend, we took Lucy to the zoo for the first time (outside my belly, anyway). We spent the week before telling her, "Lucy, we're going to the zoo!" and asking, "Do you want to go see the lions and the monkeys?" to which she would just stare wide-eyed at us like the crazy new(ish) parents we are. We were just so excited to see what her reactions would be. Turns out, she went a little nuts over the flamingos at the beginning (to which she shouted "Quack, quack!") and basically ignored everything else.

Ode to Spring

It's that time of year again, folks. The time when flowers bloom, the Bravos play at Turner Field, and I get to run around barefoot in the grass with my daughter.