A Weekend in DC!

A few weeks ago, my friend Mindy and I flew up to DC to visit our sweet Mary Beth for the weekend. She's in grad school there at Gallaudet and we couldn't wait to tour the place she worked so hard to get into...it was gorgeous! The trip was a complete whirlwind and so much fun. I hadn't been to DC since I went in fifth grade, so it was nice to get up there - even for just two days - to visit with Mary Beth and see some of the monuments again.

We flew in on Thursday evening while Mary Beth was in class and carted our little suitcases all around the National Mall. Mindy wore a step-counter bracelet during our trip and by the time we headed home on Saturday night, the two of us had walked over 17 miles in just two days! I thought my legs were going to fall off my body.

We saw the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the World War II Memorial, all of 23rd Street (So. Much. Walking.), the National Archives (bucket list!), the White House, a little section of the Holocaust Museum, and a good bit of the Smithsonian. We ate great food, laughed our asses off (what little of them were left after all that walking), and I can't wait to go back and do it again.

Here are some shots from that weekend, plus a video I made of our time there. Enjoy!

Everyone in DC is so friendly. Even the squirrels.

Hi, Abe.

Gallaudet's original campus. So pretty!

Inside the campus museum there was a conference room. It covered over what was once the school's indoor pool, and there was a small section covered in glass left over for visitors to see. I love junk like that.

Mindy's face :).

Click here to see the video of our time together touring DC


Shirley West said...

Very nice photography. Of course the subjects were cooperating too😊

Wesley Banks said...

Love the squirrel pic! Haven't made it to DC yet, but definitely need to go sometime.