On Graduating

Kati (oft-referred to on this blog as "my little sister") is graduating in a month. And, as a result, I'm having the typical "Am I really this old?" kind of experience. When I graduated high school, Kati was a rising first-grader. A FIRST-GRADER. Someone please explain to me how 2003 was twelve years ago? And don't say "Time!" because time doesn't move that fast. Believe me. Have you ever sat in the middle seat on a 10-hour transatlantic flight? Time moves slowly. It must be some other kind of sorcery. 

For the girls.

This morning, as I drove to work with Lucy sitting in the backseat, Colbie Caillat's song "Try" came on the radio. I remember when the video first came out and everyone was praising Colbie for being "brave" enough to take her makeup off and show what she really looks like. My first thought was "I love Colbie Caillat even more now than I did before!" which was immediately followed by "Brave? This is how we're defining 'brave' now?"

"So...what's your book about?"

You'd think that after many months of getting asked this question I would have a quick answer. I do have what's called my "elevator pitch" but even that doesn't really do the trick. If you haven't noticed, I'm a fan of details. I'm verbose. One-liners are hardly my specialty.

Spring Break

I spent last week in Daytona Beach, Florida with my little sister Kati, three of her closest friends, my mom, and Lucy to celebrate Kati's last spring break. It was wonderful to get a change of scenery and spend the days lounging and working and eating and laughing with some of my favorite people.

A Weekend in DC!

A few weeks ago, my friend Mindy and I flew up to DC to visit our sweet Mary Beth for the weekend. She's in grad school there at Gallaudet and we couldn't wait to tour the place she worked so hard to get into...it was gorgeous! The trip was a complete whirlwind and so much fun. I hadn't been to DC since I went in fifth grade, so it was nice to get up there - even for just two days - to visit with Mary Beth and see some of the monuments again.

The Best Kept Secret Cover Reveal!

Happy April Fool's!

I really love this day. You know why? 

Two reasons:

1) Because I finally get to launch my new website

and, most importantly, because

2) It's The Best Kept Secret cover reveal day!

I've been working on the design and layout of this new site for about a month now (which is why it's been MIA if you've tried visiting recently). The blog has gone through quite a few changes in the last two years as I've struggled to find what really works for me, and this is it. I'm really, really happy with the way it turned out.

I wanted to debut the new design today because I'm also doing my cover reveal and it seemed like the best time to make a big change. The book is being released in just two months! And it's my hope that as traffic (potentially) grows, every reader will get a better glimpse of who I am and what my work is all about.

Now, onto the best part. 

The Best Kept Secret officially has a cover!

I'm so grateful that I got the opportunity to share my thoughts on the cover because not many authors do. This image was one of my top choices, and I think it turned out beautifully. It got the most votes from family and friends, too, so hooray for that!

I want to extend a big thanks to the designer, Anita, for her patience and hard work. You are a rockstar! And, also, I'd like to thank my BookFish team for including me on so much of the behind-the-scenes work. I could not have asked for a better publisher, truly. 

What do you think of the cover? Share your thoughts in the comment section!