from the weekend

This was one of those weekends that was full of food and friends and activities and, when it was over, you just kind of smiled to yourself because life is pretty good, you know?

On Friday night, we did a little shopping at Atlantic Station and had dinner at Tin Drum. I tried to eat compliant with Whole 30 since I'm halfway through now and really don't want to screw up my progress, but you never know for sure what's happening in a restaurant kitchen.
I left the noodles out of my dish, but the sauce tasted a little like soy sauce to me (which is a no-no because soy is a legume and legumes are out). I don't want to say whatevs...but, really. Whatevs. I did my best. I didn't feel any negative side effects from it, so I'll assume it was compliant and keep moving.

Saturday was lunch with my friend Lauren - who is in town with her fiance wedding planning - and lots of errands. I bought a Groupon for an eye exam and glasses but the place was booked so I had to reschedule. I need some new frames badly. The ones I have fall off my face and that doesn't really do much to help me see; however, I got to spend the whole day with three of my favorite people, so complaining is not really on my list of things to blog about today.

Sunday was church and more church. I'm so glad to be back at Inside Out leading high schoolers again. I had coffee with one of my students and it was so fun to sit and share stories (and book recommendations) with her. I don't remember being as classy and put-together as these ladies are when I was in ninth grade (because I probably wasn't) but, hey, I get to be a part of their high school experience so that's almost just as good.

I finished the weekend off with more good food - because there is no such thing as too much - and three episodes of Parenthood. Kudos to my little sister Kati for encouraging another Netflix obsession. If you need me, I'll be snuggled on my bed binge-watching for the next three weeks.

Happy Monday!

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