15 Months

I've missed posting updates here about Lucy's development. I thought I would stop once she reached her first birthday, but I like keeping a record of how much she changes and this blog is as good a place as any to do that.

She had her fifteen-month appointment yesterday and got three booster shots (which are always fun). She's growing so fast! Currently, Lucy weighs 27 pounds and is 33 inches long. She's measuring in the 97th percentile for both areas and her head is in the 100th (ha!).

I think I've written this for probably every single update since her birth, but Lucy is surprising us each day with what she's learned. She can say about eight words and can sign seven. We can tell a lot of what she wants by the intonation in her voice. And even if she can't speak every word clearly, she understands almost everything we say.

Our biggest challenge in this stage is keeping her out of danger (everything is a threat in my eyes...trying not to be paranoid all the time is the hardest part of being a mother) and teaching her boundaries. Lucy is kind and gentle and she has a sweet temperament. She can also be feisty and excitable when she's feeling particularly opinionated about something, but overall she's (if at times reluctantly) obedient. We've worked hard to give her freedom within the boundaries we set, and we're enjoying the fruit of that labor. She knows that when we say no it's because we mean business. But we've certainly struggled with a few issues over and over - like when she tries to stand in her rocking chair - and having to discipline our 15-month old child is difficult. I say difficult because it's not always easy to know how to discipline, and also because every parent understands the emotional hurt that sometimes accompanies doing what's necessary to protect your children from themselves. Corporal punishment is not something we feel should be used too often - or too early - but we understand that every child is different and needs different rules. In most cases, Lucy responds well to a sharp look and what I'll call my threatening mama voice, the low one that gets her attention much faster than a high-pitched shout ever will. But twice now we've popped her behind when she stood up in her chair after multiple attempts to discipline her otherwise. She thinks the way the chair wobbles is so fun, but it won't be fun when she falls and smacks her head on the hardwood floor. Of course, learning things first-hand is often the only way a lesson sticks, but I would prefer for that not to happen. Our goal as parents is to love Lucy and respect her so that she will recognize what we teach her as good and respect us in turn. But this is a lifelong goal, not a one-time lesson, and we're in the early stages of learning that ourselves. Every day is a new adventure!

My favorite part of this age is how Lucy is connecting with us personally. We have playtime each night after we get home and no one can get her laughing the way Pierce can. It's so sweet to watch them together. She likes to climb up in our laps and ask us to read, and our new favorite game to play is "Where's Lucy?" She'll stand behind us and then pop out on the side, grinning from ear to ear. It's the absolute best. There is nothing sweeter than that girl's smile, except perhaps her hugs. And when I'm rocking her to sleep (more on that here). Loving her is the greatest privilege of my life.


Christy said...

Wow! She really is getting big!! Grayson is still only 24 pounds and like 30 inches tall. I think at his 15 month appointment they said he was in the 50th percentile for weight and 10th for height. And his head was in the 50th as well. Funny b/c he was such a big baby, but he's really plateaued on growth. I think it's because he's SO active!! That and he doesn't really eat that much. But he still has the big pot belly! haha! :) they're so cute at this age!! and I know exactly what you mean with discipline. We struggle with the same things. We have popped his hand multiple times b/c he likes to shake the floor lamps in our living room, even after we tell him no and redirect. He thinks it's funny. But of course my pop doesn't even phase him, so not sure it's worth doing. haha! We'll figure it out. Or not. But we'll keep trying and that's what counts! :) You got this!

Cassie Eliya said...

sweet baby girl!!! she is getting so big & I have loved watching her grow!