15 Months

I've missed posting updates here about Lucy's development. I thought I would stop once she reached her first birthday, but I like keeping a record of how much she changes and this blog is as good a place as any to do that.

A cottage in the city.

If we ever move out of our house, I will pull this section of trim from the wall and take it with us. It's so precious to me, and I imagine it will be to Lucy one day, as well. 

Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day together was pretty simple. Lucy and I gave Pierce a giant card with Kit-Kat bars taped to it, and we got up early and surprised him with breakfast. Then we all took naps and, sometime around noon, decided to get dressed and head out to Shake Shack in Buckhead.

Breaking Out of Show Business by Michael Paul Ziegfeld: A Review

It's been a long time since I've done a book review, but I'm excited to get back to it today with Michael Paul Ziegfeld's humorous and insightful memoir Breaking Out of Show Business: What I've Discovered By Not Being Discovered. 

Just Another Excuse for Lucy Photos

Friday was pay day for me so, naturally, most of my spending money is already gone.

We've worked out a new budget for our family and I'm super excited about it (who gets excited about budgets?), but I also get excited about thrifting and finding little treasures hidden in stacks of junk, so there's that; however, I have resolved not to feel badly about having just $5 left of my spending money because, on Saturday, it was a beautiful 65 degrees and I took Lucy on her first yard sale/thrift store trip where we found the best stuff. THE BEST.