I'm in the middle of working on the content edits for my book, so I'm probably going to be quiet here for a bit. I know you're all terribly sad about it, really. But try to compose yourselves. I'll be back.

The deadline is March 11th and right now I'm crafting some new scenes and fixing old ones to make the book more compelling and, in some ways, more believable. I'm so glad my best friend is a cop. She has been helping me work out the details for some of the grittier scenes and I would look like a total idiot without her. Thanks, Jillian!

We also have a cover release date scheduled for April Fool's Day. With a title like The Best Kept Secret, how is that for ironic? Hopefully everything will stay right on schedule for the book release on June 2nd. This is really happening, you guys. Gah. I can't wait for you to read it. Just go easy on the GoodReads reviews, mmk? Thanks.


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Christy said...

I'm so excited!! I will totally buy this book and maybe one day you can sign it! :)

Wendi Nunnery said...

I would LOVE that. Thanks!