Our Christmas(es)

We spent Christmas this year with our families, who, as I've mentioned before, live about an hour away on each side of us. Some of Pierce's siblings - as well as my older sister - live out of state, but we're all from the metro Atlanta area so it makes traveling for us pretty easy. Thank goodness for that, too, because Lucy.

The week before Christmas, my dad and stepmother hosted our family's annual party and it was a chaotic, messy, wonderful time with all those kiddos and people wandering around. I love them so much. We played White Elephant and Lucy got spoiled and it was great fun. I won't say I wasn't exhausted when it was over, but yeah. I really don't know how my parents lugged us all around so much when we were younger. 

On Sunday that weekend we went to our church's beautiful Christmas service and I finally got to hear someone (Chinua Hawk...a man I am convinced got his voice from the angels themselves) sing the real, raw, untampered with version of my absolute favorite carol of all time, "O, Holy Night." Chills

A pretty building I saw one day after work.
On Christmas Eve, we spent the night at my mom's house and ate dinner, played games, made fun of each other (don't come around us if you don't have at least a touch of sarcasm in your blood; you won't have any fun, although we definitely will...at your expense), drank wine, watched It's a Wonderful Life (because duh) and fell asleep much later than we intended. Christmas morning was a big breakfast with my mom, Pierce, Lucy, and little sister, and then we got dressed and drove to my in-law's house, where stuffed our faces, opened gifts, may or may not have taken naps, and played Scattergories. 

On the way home, Pierce and I talked about how much fun we had. But also about how next year we're going away for Christmas, just the three of us, and lounging around in our pajamas the whole time. My big sister and her husband are moving to Hawaii in two weeks so maybe we'll just head there. I really wouldn't complain about it.

See you all in the new year!

2015. Geez. Didn't Y2K just happen?

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