This is my 500th post. And while I don't think writing about my own life and adding yet another personal diary to the interwebs makes me Special Sally, it's still nice to reach this milestone. It's a beautiful thing to me, mostly because I know Lucy will always have a place that commemorates the early years of her mom and dad's marriage, as well as the early years of her life. I want her to know what we were like before we became parents. What we were like when we were trying be grown-ups for the first time. What we were like when we found out she was on her way. Growing up, I never really thought of my mom and dad as anyone except, well, Mom and Dad. And sometimes I wish I could have known them before that time. This blog remains for just that reason: it's a virtual scrapbook. A photo album and journal. A time capsule for when we're all too old to remember.

Before I go, I thought I'd share a few Thanksgiving photos. We spent the day with my in-laws and it was so relaxing. We weren't running from here to there, trying to fit in visits with everyone on the same day. There are perks to both of us having grown up in the metro Atlanta area, but the gas bill is not one of them.

Anyway, here are some of the highlights:

My sweet sister-in-law, Cassi

"Lucy, where's your tongue?"

Lucy's first taste of stuffing...she loved it!

"Seriously, you guys?"

Papa Ray with the glorious bird

Ready for a big, messy dinner

Because what Thanksgiving is complete without The Holiday to kickstart Christmas season?

Black Friday shopping with Lucy and Lena, who basically killed us with this sweetness

And, now, onto all the Christmas things!


Christy said...

I love your perspective on the reasons behind your blog! Sometimes I feel pressured to only write really insightful things, particularly since the original intent was to post things I was learning during my study time with the Lord. But it is also nice to have a place to document just regular life events and my own emotions and of course my pregnancy and now Grayson's developments. Thanks for bringing the beauty of that to light! :)

Wendi Nunnery said...

Thanks girl! I felt the same way for a long time. The pressure was real and still sometimes is, especially now that I'm attempting to grow a public fan base as an author. But the posts that have always gotten the most traffic and encouraged people are the ones where I'm just real, just me. So I'm trying to stick with that and let it serve as a tool for making memories in this season of life!