twelve months

Lucy OUT.
I feel like I've pretty much exhausted all the resources I have for commiserating the sappy, emotional experience that is watching my baby turn one. In truth, I feel overwhelmed with gladness even more than I feel nostalgic, although I certainly won't deny the tears I've cried. I've said the things I hated hearing when she was a tiny little baby (wait, she was almost ten pounds at birth...she was never tiny). 

"Where did the time go?!"

"Are we really here already?"

"Babies don't keep."

It happens to the best of us. I just hope I can stop myself before I say it to an unsuspecting new mommy one day while we're standing in line at the grocery store. I was successful at the doctor's office yesterday, so there's that.

I suppose I should skip the novel since I've already written so many of them about Lucy and just say this has been a wonderful, awkward, messy, fearful, stretching, growing, refining year. One of the best ever. And I'm glad it's over. I feel like I have some confidence and gumption under my belt now. I don't know it all, but I know something. And something is a lot more than nothing. So I move forward into my second year as a mother (technically my third year, but for the first I was gestating so, really, I can only claim excellence at being a living human) and I do it with the relief that we all survived. We made it through and we are the happier for it. Our faith got a bit bigger. Our tear ducts made themselves useful. And mama got herself a few more smile lines. 

Now, onto the milestones!

Height: 29 inches

Weight: 24 pounds

Mobility: A full-blown walker baby, baby. Starting to climb (eek!).

Food: Transitioning now from formula to whole milk. Seems to be going okay, so far, but our pediatrician informed us she's still getting too much and we need to trim it back to about 16 oz. a day. She eats three meals a day, plus a snack or two of veggie sticks or cheerios, but we almost always give her some kind of bottle with them or as a replacement meal. Our goal is to have her down to one bottle when she wakes up and one at night before bed within a few weeks. She eats pretty much anything, so at least that's not a concern. I'm going to make a meal plan for her soon ("You have a plan to make a plan?" Name that movie!).

Sleeping: Through the night, with occasional wake-up calls for a diaper change or bottle. Naps twice a day for about 1-2 hours.

Favorites: Eating, sleeping, playing, music, "reading" her books, climbing up onto and rocking her little chair, general silliness, being in new places, babbling to strangers and pointing at them, learning new words (she giggles a lot when we practice them together)

Dislikes: Not getting fed fast enough, missing naps, being dropped off with new people (like Sunday school), being stopped in the car for two long (red lights, grr), loud noises, shots, sitting on the paper at the doctor's office (see below)

Can Sign: All done, more, milk, please (makes my heart burst every time!), her own little version of mama, and food

Can Say: Mama, Dada, dog ("dah!"), cat ("kah!"), uh-oh, duck (duh!"), all done ("ah duh!") and a few others I can't remember

Can Point Out: Dog, cat, favorite toys, her head, her ears, and her toes

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