It's so strange that this day has finally arrived.

Kati, you were such a surprise, in so many different ways.

I was the youngest. I didn't want a younger sibling. And, yet, there you were, all red-faced and smooshy-nosed and needing all kinds of things I didn't understand as an eleven year old.

I rocked you to sleep in mom and dad's bedroom, cradling you awkwardly in two long, gangly arms and whispering "Shush, shush, Kati" over and over. You cried, I cried. It was all very "Circle of Life" and I wondered why in the world anyone ever had children. Now I know.

My favorite memories of us are driving around town in my Camaro together, eating Wendy's french fries and talking about things that were far beyond your years, and probably mine, too. I grew up as I watched you grow up and, now, the eleven years that separate us don't seem so far apart.

You got all the good stuff, kid: Beth's heart, Tommy's humor, my faith. You are the best of all of us. It's been some of the best years of my life, being your sister.

And that very early morning I left for college, when you fell asleep holding a picture of us together at Disney World? It makes total sense now. Someone get me that photo, stat.

Happy birthday Kati Bug. I love you.

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Christy said...

So sweet!! My sister is 10 years younger than me and it's definitely a different dynamic, especially with me leaving for college when she was just 8. I missed a lot. And I didn't spend much time considering how hard it was for her to see her big sister move 4 hours away. It makes me really sad to think about now, especially having a kid of my own. I totally get this! :) Happy birthday to your beautiful sister!