catching up and taking stock

Hello friends!

Been seeing a lot of these lists lately on blogs I love, and since my only original ideas are the ones I use for book writing, well, here we are. 

 plans for Lucy's birthday next week (!)
drinking: an iced caramel coffee...I'm the person who still loves iced drinks even in 30 degree weather
wanting: a hairstylist
watching: Gilmore Girls (almost done with season six!)
listening: lately it's been nothing but those 1989 jams
eating: cinnamon oatmeal with apples and raisins
smelling: pumpkin candles and coffee brewing
wishing: for peace
enjoying: every new milestone with Lucy and time with dear friends
loving: my husband and teeny tiny baby topknots
hoping: for a slow holiday always speeds by too quickly
needing: wisdom and patience
feeling: happy and full of excitement for all the good things to come
wearing: gray tights, a white tee, wool socks, and a big, cozy sweater
bookmarking: this last week of Lucy's first year (cue the leaky faucet)

What are you taking stock of these days?

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