Happy Labor Day!

Hi friends! Happy Labor Day to you and yours. I hope you all eat lots of burgers and enjoy the last few days of the hot summer weather before the best time of year arrives. I'm so ready for it!

Our family celebrated the holiday yesterday and I'm back at work today, but here are a few short updates on what's been happening around the Nunnery house:

  • I'm pretty sure Lucy signed "Mama" this morning in the car. Not 100%, but I'll take it. I love watching her grow and change, but it's happening so fast I feel I can barely keep up!
  • Our street, and our neighborhood, has gone through so much revitalization in the last five years, and just in the two since we bought our house nearly ten houses on our street have been renovated or completely rebuilt. A few months ago, the empty lots next to our house were purchased and are being developed; thus, the very polite, but also urgent, letter we received on our front porch from said developers practically begging to buy our house/lot. The value of our home and land has increased exponentially since we bought it, and I have to admit the idea of selling, paying off our debt, and investing in Lucy's future/our retirement is incredibly appealing. I love our house, but in the end it's just a house. And with our recent roof and car troubles, plus looming student loan debt, financial freedom is one thing we both want for our family. I don't know if Pierce would even consider the developer's offer, but it's weighing on my mind. I'd love your prayers about this, blogger friends!
  • Today is my mother-in-law's birthday. We love her so and are incredibly grateful that she's around to watch our little goose. Happy birthday Wanda!
  • I bought a little knockout rose bush last week with the last few dollars of my Mother's Day Home Depot card and planted it in one of the giant concrete planters on our front porch. My grandmother has one and it's beautiful! I can't wait to see how it grows. Plus, it's apparently frost-resistant and doesn't need to be trimmed but once a year. I can do that!
  • Pierce's birthday is next week and I am STOKED about his gift. We have, thus far, never been able to keep gift secrets to ourselves, but I'm going to try with this one. Pierce, honey, I know you feel wary, but trust me: it's awesome.
That's all for now. Stay safe in your travels! 

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