Because, let's face it, Lucy is it from here on out.

Have you ever seen a more adorable child? 

(The answer is no. No, you haven't.)

Oh, that glorious chunk!
I try to pretend like there are things in my life more interesting or, at the very least, AS interesting as Lucy but there are only two: Jesus and my husband. And I'm okay with that. I'm still me. I'm still a woman who has big dreams and stuff. But nothing, absolutely nothing, brings me more joy than our giggly, four-toothed, tow-headed gooseberry (try saying that three times fast). Just this morning, Pierce brought her into the bedroom and the three of us, all puffy-eyed from interrupted sleep, gathered together on the bed and played silly games like "Let's blow kisses!" and "Can you translate Lucy's gibberish?" I love these sweet moments with my family. It's so much fun to be a mama. Truly. 

In the last few weeks, I've done lots of fun things that would have been worth mentioning here if I'd taken enough pictures. So I guess I'll mention them now in lieu of photographic evidence. 

I got to take one of my best friends to her first NFL game and sit in the club seats where we watched the Falcons beat the 'Aints (okay, I take that back: there is one more thing as awesome as Lucy, and that's sitting in front of a bunch of obnoxious Saints fans and being able to gloat like there's no tomorrow as they trudge out of the Georgia Dome to the thunderous sound of "Who Dat? WE DAT!").

I've also launched the third issue of Lady and it's gotten some amazing feedback so far. I love this project. It's so much fun to give other women a chance to be heard, no matter how small the audience, because I know exactly what it's like to be where they are.

And on that note...

Last week, I received a request for a review of my full manuscript! Praise holy Jesus Lord! I had submitted it to a small press (more of that story here) after receiving nothing but rejections from agents, and I can't wait to hear their thoughts on the whole story. I'd always joked that I wanted my novel to be published before I turned 30, and who knows? Maybe it'll actually happen.

Also? I have okra growing in my garden. So there's no reason to make any more goals for my life.

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