10 Months

This is real life, you guys.

I tried to get a picture of Lucy Goose smiling because she really is the happiest baby ever (heard that about twenty different times at my little sister's football game on Friday, so you know it's true!), but she doesn't like for us to put her down. Ever. She's in that stage. One can only assume she thought we were going to put her in the crib and run off to Bora Bora without her or something; thus, the tears.

Truth is, though, I kind of think this is the funniest picture ever.

Now that Lucy's first birthday is closing in on us (what the whaaa?), she's changing more rapidly than ever. Even in her seventh month, when she started to crawl and pull herself up and babble more intelligibly, I wasn't quite as thrown off as I have been lately. In a good way. I'm constantly amazed by what she picks up and how quickly she learns.

Lucy is slowing way down on the bottles now and eating three meals a day. For awhile, she had been eating a whole bunch of pureed fruits and veggies (sometime with a bit of quinoa or turkey mixed in), but now we're making the transition to whole foods so she can get a better grasp (see what I did there?) on feeding herself. Breakfast usually consists of some rice cereal mixed with pureed fruit, sliced bananas, or yogurt. Bottles come every 3 hours except for when it's "meal time". Lunch is a tray full of one or more of these things: black beans, chopped fruit or veggies, cheerios, cottage cheese, shredded cheese, or yogurt. Same with dinner, though we've started adding bits of pasta with olive oil to her plate and, after three tries, she finally decided it was worth her time. Lucy is a wonderful eater, but she tends to really favor sweet things (she is a Nunnery, after all). We do our best to feed her plain or savory flavors first at every meal and follow up with the sweets so she doesn't get too attached to them. If she doesn't like food, she usually eats it anyway but makes the cutest faces while doing so...

At Lucy's last appointment, she weighed in 21.5 pounds and is 28.5 inches long! Our pediatrician asked, "Can you believe we ever worried about this girl gaining weight?" I'm so glad she's healthy and growing. And I'm completely over my guilt about giving Lucy formula to supplement nursing. It's clear that she's developing incredibly well both mentally and physically, and while environmental influences - like reading with her, talking to her, signing, being playful, getting outside, being affectionate, having a routine, and giving Lucy the chance to explore new things every day - are probably the biggest boost for her little brain, having formula in addition to breast milk seems to have given our girl a wonderful start to life. And I'm grateful for all of it. The boobs and the bottles. The laughter and the fun. The cuddles and the tears. It's all so, so good.

A few more updates:

Nicknames: Lucy Goose, Luce (pronounced like "loose"), Luce Goose, Baby Goose, Baba Ganoush, Gooseberry, Sweet Girl, Baby Girl, Love

Favorite Toys: Books, her remote (an old TV remote we let her have since she was always trying to chew on ours), blocks, anything that rattles or makes noise, the tin box that holds her toys, and Lamby (a little stuffed lamb she sleeps with).

Likes: Being held, bath time, playing and being silly, standing up, crawling, talking, blowing raspberries, "reading" her books, being outside, going on walks, being around lots of people or new places, people watching, sleeping, charming the pants off everybody

Dislikes: Being put in her crib for play time, having her diaper changed, being put down for too long, skipping nap time, loud, sudden noises

Teeth: 4 (with a little gap between the top two! #SWOON)

New Milestones: Can stand up on her own without support (see video below!), starting to sign "Mama", Says "Mama" and "Dada" and recognizes that those words describe me and Pierce, imitates new words (duck is "duh", block is "bah", dog is "dah", necklace is "neh ka", etc.), gives high-fives, blows kisses, understands commands like "Lucy stop" (though she doesn't always obey), "Do it again", "Blow kisses!", "High five!", "Be gentle", and "Say bye bye!"

You're the coolest ever, Lucy Goose. We have the most fun with you!

Because, let's face it, Lucy is it from here on out.

Have you ever seen a more adorable child? 

(The answer is no. No, you haven't.)

Oh, that glorious chunk!
I try to pretend like there are things in my life more interesting or, at the very least, AS interesting as Lucy but there are only two: Jesus and my husband. And I'm okay with that. I'm still me. I'm still a woman who has big dreams and stuff. But nothing, absolutely nothing, brings me more joy than our giggly, four-toothed, tow-headed gooseberry (try saying that three times fast). Just this morning, Pierce brought her into the bedroom and the three of us, all puffy-eyed from interrupted sleep, gathered together on the bed and played silly games like "Let's blow kisses!" and "Can you translate Lucy's gibberish?" I love these sweet moments with my family. It's so much fun to be a mama. Truly. 

In the last few weeks, I've done lots of fun things that would have been worth mentioning here if I'd taken enough pictures. So I guess I'll mention them now in lieu of photographic evidence. 

I got to take one of my best friends to her first NFL game and sit in the club seats where we watched the Falcons beat the 'Aints (okay, I take that back: there is one more thing as awesome as Lucy, and that's sitting in front of a bunch of obnoxious Saints fans and being able to gloat like there's no tomorrow as they trudge out of the Georgia Dome to the thunderous sound of "Who Dat? WE DAT!").

I've also launched the third issue of Lady and it's gotten some amazing feedback so far. I love this project. It's so much fun to give other women a chance to be heard, no matter how small the audience, because I know exactly what it's like to be where they are.

And on that note...

Last week, I received a request for a review of my full manuscript! Praise holy Jesus Lord! I had submitted it to a small press (more of that story here) after receiving nothing but rejections from agents, and I can't wait to hear their thoughts on the whole story. I'd always joked that I wanted my novel to be published before I turned 30, and who knows? Maybe it'll actually happen.

Also? I have okra growing in my garden. So there's no reason to make any more goals for my life.

Happy Labor Day!

Hi friends! Happy Labor Day to you and yours. I hope you all eat lots of burgers and enjoy the last few days of the hot summer weather before the best time of year arrives. I'm so ready for it!

Our family celebrated the holiday yesterday and I'm back at work today, but here are a few short updates on what's been happening around the Nunnery house:

  • I'm pretty sure Lucy signed "Mama" this morning in the car. Not 100%, but I'll take it. I love watching her grow and change, but it's happening so fast I feel I can barely keep up!
  • Our street, and our neighborhood, has gone through so much revitalization in the last five years, and just in the two since we bought our house nearly ten houses on our street have been renovated or completely rebuilt. A few months ago, the empty lots next to our house were purchased and are being developed; thus, the very polite, but also urgent, letter we received on our front porch from said developers practically begging to buy our house/lot. The value of our home and land has increased exponentially since we bought it, and I have to admit the idea of selling, paying off our debt, and investing in Lucy's future/our retirement is incredibly appealing. I love our house, but in the end it's just a house. And with our recent roof and car troubles, plus looming student loan debt, financial freedom is one thing we both want for our family. I don't know if Pierce would even consider the developer's offer, but it's weighing on my mind. I'd love your prayers about this, blogger friends!
  • Today is my mother-in-law's birthday. We love her so and are incredibly grateful that she's around to watch our little goose. Happy birthday Wanda!
  • I bought a little knockout rose bush last week with the last few dollars of my Mother's Day Home Depot card and planted it in one of the giant concrete planters on our front porch. My grandmother has one and it's beautiful! I can't wait to see how it grows. Plus, it's apparently frost-resistant and doesn't need to be trimmed but once a year. I can do that!
  • Pierce's birthday is next week and I am STOKED about his gift. We have, thus far, never been able to keep gift secrets to ourselves, but I'm going to try with this one. Pierce, honey, I know you feel wary, but trust me: it's awesome.
That's all for now. Stay safe in your travels!