If God had a blog where he posted updates about His children, I'd like to imagine they would read like this...

Wendi, my sweet girl, this has to be My most favorite year yet! I really loved watching you grow up, learn to walk and read and swim, play softball, fall in love, graduate from college, publish a book, and get married. But 2014 has been the best so far! You became a mother and, finally, you got to experience firsthand the depth of joy that comes from being a parent. I'm so happy that you're able to see just a little bit more of how much I love you. And with every diaper change, every lullaby, and every photo taken, I rejoice. That's what being a proud parent is all about: each new thing our children do is another incredible accomplishment. And you've done so many amazing things, even if you don't see them. 

I do. I see everything and I'm so proud of the woman you are. 

And guess what? There's more to come, baby girl! I have so many wonderful things in store for you!

Listen, I know it's been tough, learning how to be a mom, but I created you for this special job. And, if I do say so myself, I'm pretty good at it. So you can trust Me when I say this: you don't have to worry so much. 

In fact, you don't have to worry at all. 

I've noticed that, in the last few weeks, you've been particularly hard on yourself, and it breaks My heart. I know where you are, and how you feel, because I created all the emotions you're experiencing. And, even better, I lived them, too! But I know we'll get through this together. I'm right here when you try to take that first step. You might feel alone, but My hands are there, waiting to catch you if you start to stumble. Sometimes a little bump on the head is a good thing. It's a lesson about next time. And I'm not asking you to be perfect (I've already got you covered); I'm just asking for you to trust Me...and believe that tomorrow will be a little bit easier.

Wendi, I love watching you laugh with your girlfriends and play Jeopardy with your husband and cry over Lucy's big, happy smiles! That little girl is something else, isn't she? I'm so glad she has you as her mother and Pierce as her father. You guys are a great team! He's just the kind of love and support I wanted you to have in a husband, so thanks for paying attention when I pointed him out. It took a little encouragement, but we got there, didn't we? ;)

This year, you've become a mother, launched a magazine, and started living a more healthy lifestyle. Great job! You're doing so many awesome things that matter both on earth and in My Kingdom, but I know that in the daily grind doing things like cleaning up spills, working on a script that's been sent back to you twice, and crying in the dark where no one else can see (except for Me) can get a little tiring. Don't worry (I'm going to keep saying that until you believe Me!). What you're doing matters...the big and the small. Just keep looking to Me for what you need and you'll never go wrong. 

Time has gone by so fast! Just yesterday you were as small as baby Lucy. And today you're a grown-up. But you're still my little girl. My daughter. And I will always be here to protect you, to give you guidance, to offer courage and wisdom and hope, and to show you exactly how good, how very good, you really are. You're Mine, aren't you? I thought of you first...and then I made you because you were such a good idea! Don't forget that. It's easy when all the things that aren't of Me tell you otherwise; when the world I made becomes a place where you aren't safe because, sadly, not everyone sees themselves the way I see them: Beautiful. Worthy. Strong. Capable. Good. In those moments, in all your moments, I hope you'll read and meditate on the book of letters I've given you. It's full of stories about my other children and it proves how much I love to help each of you find Truth, and light, and hope. That book is My promise to you, Wendi. My promise that just as I gave them what they needed to become all I hoped they would be, I will also give you the same.

There are so many more milestones to come in your life, and I know they're going to be just as exciting and wonderful as the last 28 years have been! Thank you for giving Me your heart. 

I love you.


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Mary West Barclay said...

This has got to be my favorite writing on you and the relationship you share with your heavenly father. <3