a day in the dirt

First thing's first: the photo above might probably be my favorite Lucy photo ever taken. Ever.

Second, a few highlights from our day in the dirt yesterday:

  • I don't know how to garden, but I've been wanting to plant one for a long time. Something small, a place to grow some basil and maybe a few veggies. And since Pierce bought me all the stuff I needed for it on Mother's Day this year, I figured it was time to get to it. Lucy had great fun helping me till the ground and dig out the rocks. Mostly, I spent my time trying to keep her from eating everything. After the third time I pulled a twig from her mouth, she started giggling when I said "No!" and tried to put it back in her mouth. I had to call my dad for some parenting advice after that...
  • I made my own bug spray! I forgot to get some from the store and since I have a few essential oils at home which have, thus far, not proven to work on us for colds, I thought I'd try making my own. It was super easy and TA DA! It worked like a charm. And it smelled good. *hippie mama fist bump*
  • I spent three hours total alone with Lucy yesterday and my anxiety is getting quieter and quieter every day. Counseling is helping so much. So is this verse.
  • Lucy wore her first little pigtail. I'm now dead.

What? You don't garden in flip-flops?

  • Baby girl also has TWO teeth! They both came in over the weekend and they're on top, not bottom, which I've heard is unusual, but Lucy Jane does things her own way. Don't you know this already?
  • I planted some sweet red peppers, butter lettuce, okra (I'm going to pickle the shit out of that stuff), and lime basil. And if you tell me none of those things grow this late in the season I will pretend to have a very important phone call.
  • After I finished planting the garden, I realized it looked a little like a cemetery. #irony
  • Lucy refused to nap when I took her inside but, ten minutes later, I found her like this:

Someone in this family is stubborn.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!