scenes from a weekend

This past weekend was kind of a blur, but in a good way. We spent the weekend at my mother's house because my mother and I had to get up and go to a work event early the next morning (yes, we work together!). On Friday night, we went to my little sister's first football game as a varsity cheerleader at my old high school. It was so fun to see her dressed up, standing on the same track at the same field where I marched a hundred different shows. I can't believe she's going to graduate this year!

My teeth look extra white in this photo. Hooray for the VSCO cam app, y'all!

On Saturday, Pierce went home to work the Falcons game while me, mama, and Lucy went to an event early in the afternoon. Lucy wasn't quite as chill as she normally is so, unfortunately, I spent most of my time trying to keep her calm in the theater lobby instead of getting the footage I wanted for a show I'm producing. I did manage to get some lovely shots before and after, though! And, later, we went searching for this beautiful little castle garden we'd heard so many things about. And when we found it we didn't want to leave. It was so magical! The only thing that kept me from staying was the 100 degree heat. And a squirmy, fussy baby.

On Sunday, we went to a baby shower for my god-brother Elijah's new baby boy. We might have also scarfed down some QT hot dogs on the way there because, hello, delicious. Elijah is six years younger than me and we spent much of our youth playing hide-and-go-seek in his family's basement and watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for the billionth time (a fact he reminded me of yesterday). At some point in his childhood, he declared his undying love for me and promised to ask for my hand in marriage one day (another funny story that was brought up during the shower, much to his chagrin, by a number of his relatives), but it looks like he's got himself a sweet little family these days :). I'm so happy for him! 

So grainy! I wish we'd gotten a better photo, but that's life with an iPhone.

After the shower, we all went back to my mom's house for a nap and then Kati took me to meet Pierce so we could head home. It was a long, tiring weekend, but oh so good! 

I tell you what, though. It's that time of year again...the time when the stifling August heat gets the heck outta here and gives way to cool, crisp weather and pumpkin spice lattes. I imagine I'm just one of a thousand bloggers typing that sentence right now, but I'll take it. C'mon fall!

9 months


Here we are.

Lucy is nine months old and even cuter than she was at eight months (or we can pretend I'm not biased and just say she's always the cutest).

Just over the past weekend, Lucy got her first tooth, which was quickly followed on Sunday morning by her second tooth! They're both on top and - GAH - so adorable. Is motherhood always a series of discovering new things about our children and then swooning over them as though no child has ever gotten a tooth/walked/pooped before? It feels like that.

We have her nine-month appointment (and the shots that go along with it) in two weeks. The wait to see how much she weighs now is murder. I'm taking bets that she passed the twenty pound mark a month ago and is probably closer to 21 or 22 pounds, although I can't say I'm exactly eager to buy a new $70 car seat which will render our stroller useless. Oh, well. Such is parenthood.

Lucy eats pretty much anything you give her these days, including grass and dirt and flowers, and is not picky. She might make a pretty face when you give her something new, but she'll always eat it. Gotta love that!

One new development that makes me nervous is one I mentioned in my last post: the whole Mom-says-no-and-baby-laughs thing. I cringe every time and try not to laugh or smile back (it's actually kind of cute, in a frustrating sort of way). But my very wise parents just told me it takes time for babies to recognize new commands, and it's not necessarily that Lucy is being purposefully disobedient. Yet.

It takes consistency, they tell me. Consistency and patience.

God, please give me both.

Lucy is doing well at recognizing items in the house (like "dog", "cat", "bottle"), as well as turning towards me and Pierce when we say, "Where's Mama/Papa?" or leaning in for a smooch when we ask for a kiss. Lucy kisses are the BEST kisses! So there's that. Plus, she's able to balance herself while standing for a few seconds without any assistance and she's starting to take baby steps when she's holding onto something, like the table. I'm also taking bets on when she starts to walk, and my guess is at about 11 months. Typing that out feels ridiculous in a "I can't believe she's this old" sort of way. It's both wonderful and frightening! I've learned being a mom will always be a little bit of both, and I'm getting used to it. At least I'm trying.

More updates on our sweet Lucy Goose:

Food: We try solids at least once a day, sometimes more. As I already mentioned, Lucy likes everything. Even lemons.

Sleep: Still a dream baby (see what I did there?).

Favorites: Mama, Daddy, Manny (my mom), Grandma (Pierce's mom), eating, chatting, watching people, being in new places, being held, bath time, playing with her blocks or books, being outside

Dislikes: Getting dressed, going down for nap/bedtime when she's not fully asleep, being left alone in a room, having her bottle/food/paci taken away, being in the car for too long

a day in the dirt

First thing's first: the photo above might probably be my favorite Lucy photo ever taken. Ever.

Second, a few highlights from our day in the dirt yesterday:

  • I don't know how to garden, but I've been wanting to plant one for a long time. Something small, a place to grow some basil and maybe a few veggies. And since Pierce bought me all the stuff I needed for it on Mother's Day this year, I figured it was time to get to it. Lucy had great fun helping me till the ground and dig out the rocks. Mostly, I spent my time trying to keep her from eating everything. After the third time I pulled a twig from her mouth, she started giggling when I said "No!" and tried to put it back in her mouth. I had to call my dad for some parenting advice after that...
  • I made my own bug spray! I forgot to get some from the store and since I have a few essential oils at home which have, thus far, not proven to work on us for colds, I thought I'd try making my own. It was super easy and TA DA! It worked like a charm. And it smelled good. *hippie mama fist bump*
  • I spent three hours total alone with Lucy yesterday and my anxiety is getting quieter and quieter every day. Counseling is helping so much. So is this verse.
  • Lucy wore her first little pigtail. I'm now dead.

What? You don't garden in flip-flops?

  • Baby girl also has TWO teeth! They both came in over the weekend and they're on top, not bottom, which I've heard is unusual, but Lucy Jane does things her own way. Don't you know this already?
  • I planted some sweet red peppers, butter lettuce, okra (I'm going to pickle the shit out of that stuff), and lime basil. And if you tell me none of those things grow this late in the season I will pretend to have a very important phone call.
  • After I finished planting the garden, I realized it looked a little like a cemetery. #irony
  • Lucy refused to nap when I took her inside but, ten minutes later, I found her like this:

Someone in this family is stubborn.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!