7.5 Months

Well, hi there! It's been awhile. This whole magazine project has taken over my life. Plus, I also work freelance and have a part-time job, and we had vacation last week so we decided to purge our house of junk and clutter (and dust...oh, the dust). Anyway, I'm back for a late update on our little Lucy.

At seven (and a half) months, Lucy is rapidly changing. Every day it seems like she can do something new and we love it (when do we not?)! I think she might be going through another growth spurt because even the 7 or 8 oz. bottles are not always enough to fill her up. Sometimes, when she's done, she'll hold out the bottle and drop it on the floor like she's a rapper playing for a sold-out show. And, of course, we hurry to meet her demands. We know who's the boss in this house ;).

Over the last week, Lucy has developed a knack for practicing her vocal scales. Once upon a time, I sang and this totally cracks me up, especially when she moves from high trills to low growls. Unfortunately, Lucy is also learning that squealing like a banshee when she's tired/fussy/cranky is quite useful, as well. We're trying to nip that in the bud now by replying with a stern "No" and signing the word at the same time. Hopefully, as she grows older, she'll recognize the sign as a warning so we don't have to resort to other more serious forms of discipline. Trying to set those boundaries early! But, rest assured, I am not naive. No matter how well we might parent, I have no doubt we have plenty of meltdowns waiting for us in the future. Just trying to be consistent and pray we'll meet those challenges with plenty of patience and courage!

As far as mobility goes, Lucy can pull herself up on her knees, roll around all over her crib/Pack-N-Play/rug, and scoot on her stomach. She can also roll from her back to front and then push herself up into a sitting position. We love watching her grow and play! It's fascinating how much she learns in the course of a week.

Lucy's favorite toys are books, her stuffed lamb, Carlos (the pink monkey), and anything she can chew on (this list includes any jewelry I wear, my hair, my finger, the table, and whatever is lying in front of her).

Also...we have successfully transitioned Lucy from the baby rocker next to our bed to her crib in the nursery! Seriously, I don't want to rub this in the face of mamas who are struggling with sleep training or transitioning their babies, but Lucy is a champ, you guys! We put her down in the crib each night at 8:30, read her a short bedtime story, say a little prayer, turn on her sound/light machine, and close the door. She usually goes straight to sleep and doesn't wake up again until about six a.m. Sometimes, she'll need a bottle/diaper change around four in the morning, but she usually goes right back to sleep. Lucy, you are a dream baby and we thank you for letting us get so much sleep these last seven months. Also, please don't jinx us because I said that...

Lucy's new favorite "words" are "dadadada", "babababa", and something that sounds like "kika". Maybe she's trying to say "kitty cat"? No "mama" yet, though. I'm holding out hope.

In one month, Pierce's mother will start keeping Lucy full-time, which means no more daycare AND I'll get to see her throughout the day! This is such a blessing for us. We love her daycare center and she's been going there full-time since the beginning of the summer (our friend, Amber, who was her previous caretaker, just had a baby and has decided that, with three little ones at home under the age of three, it's time to take a break... at least from in-home daycare!). But knowing that we can help support our in-laws with a little income and that Lucy will get to spend her days with her grandma? So good.

Hopefully it won't take me more than a month to write again, but I'm not making any promises ;). I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!


C.Curley said...

Grayson says those same words! His Kika quickly changed to CAT. :) Still no mama. -_-

I'm SO jealous of your little sleeper! Let's see...last night Grayson went to sleep by 7, woke up to eat at 8:45, 11:45, and 3. Then he woke up again at 5, at which point I just plopped him in bed with me since my alarm was going to start going off in 30 minutes anyway. Then he fell back asleep and I had to make him get up around 7:10 so he could get ready for school!! Little stinker! Oh, well. Most nights it doesn't bother me and I remind myself that these days won't last forever. But some nights I'm especially tired and wish he slept through the night more often (so far that has only happened 3 times!). Enjoy that sleep! :)

Anonymous said...

All of your baby L post make me so excited to be a mom, although I am still young! She is so precious, so happy your baby is growing and learning! Love the whole blog, you are in my inspiration folder so when I need inspiration I like to go and read some of your older posts! Have a great day.
-Hanna Caroline

My name is Wendi. said...

Aw, thank you Hanna! I'm so glad to hear that. Thank you for reading!