on the occasion of your half-birthday

Dear sweet Lucy Jane,

Today you are six months old. Six months. Half a year (!). 

In six months, you've gone from being my long-legged sack of potatoes to a chunky, talkative child, an independent spirit who grows into her personality with every passing moment.

You smile even more these days (I honestly didn't think that was possible) and I never get tired of seeing those lips spread across your cheeks in a grin that melts my heart into all kinds of messy puddles. I spend most of my time at work looking at pictures of you. And when I go to pick you up from daycare, I drum on the steering wheel impatiently because those red lights do not change quickly enough. Don't they know I have a Lucy to get to? Who do they think they are?

You babble constantly and respond to me when I ask you questions. I'm sure you understand everything I'm saying. Daddy told me he thinks you said his name when he leaned down to kiss you the other day, but I'm skeptical. I guess I can give him that, though, considering you still get fussy when I leave the room or practically break your neck trying to watch me when I'm walking around doing busy mom stuff. Don't worry, Lucy girl, I know you're there. And I'm always thinking of you.

We started offering real food to you pretty early, but we've been distracted from that recently. You like bananas and rice cereal, and avocado is growing on you (not literally, but wouldn't that make for an interesting childhood?). Next up is sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, and chicken. Maybe some grapes, too. We're pretty much game for anything as long as you are!

You are sitting up on your own for minutes on end, and you can push yourself back up if you start to to tilt. You are "swimming" more and more on your belly and I have a feeling you're going to skip rolling around and jump straight to crawling. Time to start baby-proofing the house!

You don't have any teeth yet, and no real signs that they'll be coming soon, either. You had one night recently where you  were super fussy and didn't even want to nurse. You screamed like I'd never heard you scream before, and it was pitiful. We thought maybe a tooth would pop through the next morning, but that was a big negative. I hope it's not too hard on you when it does happen!

You love to be read to (I read Pride and Prejudice last night and you went from squawking like a chicken to complete silence in about two seconds. Proud mama right here!). You love music, most of which I played for you in the belly. You like to have conversations with us and people-watch and be in crowded places. Thank you for being such an easy-going baby! We can take you anywhere. On Monday, you went to the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Atlanta stadium and you just relaxed in the wrap and watched everything with wide eyes. You were the talk of the town!

My favorite thing is to see how you explore. You touch my face when you're nursing (more on that in a moment) or drinking a bottle, and hold your hands up in awe, as if to say, "Excuse me, have you seen these things?" Being outside is the same deal. With birds to hear and grass to pull and wind on your face, you're pretty much in heaven. It's so fun to experience life again with you.

Lucy, the only sad part about your half-birthday is that it's time to stop nursing. You just aren't interested any longer. You haven't been for about two weeks, but I wanted to make it to the six-month mark (call it my mama guilt). We've slowed down on feedings a bunch since you were four months old, but nowadays it's hard to keep you on for more than two or three minutes at a time. It's bittersweet for your mama. On the one hand, my body becomes mine again. No more leaky boobs. But on the other hand, it's our thing, you know? The thing no one else can do for you. And it's such a lifesaver on those rare occasions that we're out in public and you pitch a fit. No more popping baby on the boob. But I've enjoyed nursing you, Lucy girl. It didn't go perfectly, but when does it ever? We made it work for us. I'm proud of what we've accomplished together.

We're a team, we are. 

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