If you've been seeing this logo on my Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you've probably realized at this point that I've got a big project in the works. So I'm here to tell you a little more about what it means, both for me and for this little blog's future.

I started this blog four years ago. It was just a place to word-vomit. A place to get out the stuff that clutters up my heart and my head so that it wouldn't come out in a negative way or stay hidden inside. That's what writing is for me. I have to create because I cannot help myself. I'll go mad if I don't.

Over the years, I've found a ton of other really amazing blogs. Fashion and lifestyle blogs. Religious blogs. Literary blogs. Mommy blogs (a favorite). And, like all of us, I compared and filtered and edited myself silly, trying to be like what they were or what I thought would get the most approval. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be your best. But my best is not anyone else's. And there have been so many times when I've posted here hoping to be otherwise. 

My best is found in words. Not pictures. I love all the pictures I've taken and shared here, but I am no photographer. I am no designer. I'm a writer. And, funnily enough, the advice of all the "big" bloggers out there rings true: if you blog about what's real to you, and stay authentic, others will notice. As proof, all of my most popular posts have been the ones where I shared something very personal and the photographs were just an accessory.

That's where Lady comes in.

This magazine has been a long time coming for me. My creativity flows in all directions, so it's hard for me to not get distracted by craft projects, watercolors, recipes, taking photographs, styling my closet, finding great music, or reading (hmmm...I wonder what website will show me all those things?). I mean, seriously. The books, you guys. The BOOKS. They're all over my house. And words are my heart. They are the gift I've been given. And while I can, and will, always love other things, I need to streamline my creativity and funnel it into the place where it belongs.

Lady is an online literary magazine for women of all ages. My goal as the founding editor is to showcase the work of female writers who are both emerging and established talents, who perhaps have never been given an opportunity to share their voice, or who simply want to be a part of this project with me. It's a place to welcome any woman who has something to say about her world. It doesn't have to be pretty, or fun, or happy. It can be. But it doesn't have to be. It just has to be yours.

The tagline for the magazine is "Women. Writers." And that encompasses pretty much everything about what Lady is...a stage for women who love to write and want to be heard.

The official launch of Lady's debut issue is July 7th and I'm currently accepting submissions for fiction, young adult fiction, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. If you're interested, please send your piece over to no later than July 1st. All contributors selected will have their name, bio, and any relevant personal or professional links featured on the site. 

I can't say what Lady will mean for my writing here. I have to admit I'm kind of tired of feeling like I have to "keep up" with this blog. It's silly to say so because I doubt there is anyone out there, even amongst my 76 lovely subscribers, who are waiting with bated breath for my next post. But for those who do read regularly, I thank you. And I appreciate your support and prayers and friendship over the many, many changes that have happened in my life since 2010. It's been so much fun to have this space. I might keep going, I might not. But, rest assured, there will always be Instagram. 

I'll be sure to share the link here once Lady debuts in July but, for now, you can keep up with all the updates by following us on Twitter and IG @ladyliterarymag, or by Liking us on Facebook here

Tons of love,

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