In My Bag // 01

If you're anything like me (and by that I mean you are a woman), you, too, probably find yourself emptying out the contents of your purse pretty often. It's kind of a black hole, isn't it? It's my catch-all for receipts, chapsticks, straw wrappers, and a million other little things. Perhaps it's more like a trash can?

I spent about thirty minutes cleaning out my bag the other day and when all the junk was gone, here are the things I was left with. It pretty much sums up my life.

In my bag:

Two pairs of sunglasses (white: mine, black: Pierce's...he gets mad at me for stealing them)
My wallet
Keys to the car, house, etc.
Elf lip stain
Lucy's headband
A necklace charm from Hobby Lobby, a sweet little gift from my sister-in-law
The Message Bible (my favorite translation!)

So what's in your bag?

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Cassie Eliya said...

hmmm... I may need to do one of these!! :D