family night out

Last week, my husband was able to score some sweet tickets to the Braves game. Since he works for the Falcons, he is sometimes given the opportunity to enjoy some of the perks offered by the generous owner, who often allows employees to attend various games and sit in his (really amazing) seats. We were three rows behind home plate with all the free food we could eat and comfy cushions to sit on. We had such a good time! And with a little baby in tow, having a nice place to rest without being squished between drunk fans was pretty much amazing. At one point, I stood up to go inside the club house for a drink and, lo and behold, nearly bumped right into Evander Holyfield. I didn't even say, "Excuse me"...I just said, "Whoa". Thankfully, I don't think he was paying attention to me.

(Side note: Pierce was in line with Holyfield at the hospital Chick-Fil-A when I was in labor with Lucy...he must be our good luck charm, or something. He's always around when good things happen!)

It was a beautiful, cool night and Lucy slept through most of the game. That girl is something else.

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C.Curley said...

That last picture is just like Grayson! He plays with our faces as he falls asleep in that position. :) (Though sometimes he gets a little rough! Gentle touch is something we are learning!!) Looks like y'all had a great time! I'm always too nervous about Grayson's bedtime to take him out like that in the evenings. He just becomes such a mess when his schedule gets thrown off and then it makes me nervous and stressed. I hope we/I get better about that eventually!!