5 months

Baby girl is five months old today! Last night, I spent an hour going through all her clothes, folding up the newborn and 0-3 month outfits she can't wear and pulling out the 6-9 month clothes stored underneath her crib. It's incredible how fast she's grown and how quickly we've gone through so many tiny things. I got a little misty as I was packing up the items the want to save, like the outfit she wore home from the hospital, the dress from her first Christmas, and the little hat and jacket combo she wore on Thanksgiving. I topped it off with one half of her first pair of shoes (the other half was lost in the church parking garage), the tan booties Pierce and I were holding in our pregnancy announcement. I can't wait to show her all those special things when she's a bit older.

Anyway, here are some updates on our little miss Lucy:

Likes: Rice cereal (see video below for her first feeding...so darling!), boobies + bottles, talk time, playing with her toys, smiling at mama and papa, cuddles, being worn, music, loud places like restaurants and church (such a blessing for us that this sweet girl is so interested in the world + could nap during a hurricane), people watching, listening to us read (hooray!), her paci, bath/shower time, and being outside.

Dislikes: Being left alone for more than five seconds (I promise she's safe if we walk out of the room...she's usually lying in her rocker or sitting in her Bounce Bounce Baby), stopping at red lights + stop signs, missing naps (mama and papa don't like that either), diaper + outfit changes, and sudden loud noises.

New Milestones: I'm pretty sure I've already mentioned that Lucy has found her feet + loves putting her toes in her mouth. It's pretty darn adorable. She's also propping herself up very well on her elbows, "swimming" when she's on her tummy, rolling from front to back, grabbing things she's interested in (like toys, bottles, or mama's hair), and babbling more intelligibly (most common sounds are "ba ba ba" and "da da da"...Pierce loves that).

Height + Weight: At her 4-month check-up last week, Lucy was 25.6 inches long and weighed 14.5 pounds. So glad she's finally catching up!

Happy 5 months, baby girl! You are our favorite.

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