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I write a lot. But I don't spend a lot of time talking about my writing here because it can be sort of redundant, like, "Hey! Read these words about the other words I write!"

But I do write. Every day.

And I think that having the dedication to your writing, regardless of commercial success, is the best thing you can do to actually achieve success and, most importantly, love your work.

It's tough to write every single day, but what works for me is to write something. It doesn't have to be anything other than a a blog post (not to demean blog posts...I love this little space on the interwebs!). It can be a prayer. Or a page on your novel. Or a letter. Who cares? The point is: Are you putting your thoughts onto paper? Are you turning them into something tangible? If you are, you're well on your way to making sense of them and, perhaps, seeing them published. After all, you can't publish something that doesn't exist.

For the last two years, I've been working on my young adult novel. I spent five months writing the first draft and two months editing it. I took it to the Atlanta Writer's Conference in 2012 and two amazing things happened: I got a book request from the agent of my choice and I won the Best Manuscript Submission Award. I worked hard to achieve those things. After the agent's first (very encouraging) rejection, I spent eight more months doing a major overhaul to the book. Following a second reading of the manuscript, the agent decided it still wasn't a fit. I can't say I wasn't incredibly disappointed; I would have loved to have her represent my story (and me), but these things happen. The publishing world is very subjective. One person's "no" is another person's "hell yes!" The trick is finding that person.

So keep writing, friends. Keep plugging away.

 It will happen. 

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