sunny and seventy

These last few days have me practically begging for spring to come. Shorts! Sandals! Shaved legs! And since the weather has been so nice, it reminded me of our trip to Europe last year (has it seriously been almost a year already?). And then I realized something terrible: I never shared any of our photos from Croatia! Bad Wendi. I get an "F" in blogging.

Unexpectedly, Split, Croatia turned out to be one of our favorite stops on the cruise, not least because we actually docked in Split and not some random port half an hour away. Other reasons include the following: 

1) Most of the town is built onto or centered around Diocletian's ancient palace and there are stores, restaurants, and beautiful little apartments with green shutters built into and on it from all sides. Flowers grow out of the cracks in the ground and walls. And anywhere you step you imagine all the other people who have stood in that same spot over the last almost-two thousand years.

2) It's kind of unknown. It's got all the charm and beauty of other tourist hot spots in the Mediterranean, but it's small enough that it seems to get passed over for more famous locales like Rome and Athens...which was just fine by us. Although I can't really complain about those other places either because I've been to them both and each is equally amazing for different reasons. But something about Split made us feel like we had stumbled upon a great secret.

3) It's cheap. Souvenirs in Europe aren't all that expensive to begin with, especially if we're talking about the kitschy kind of stuff you'd find for sale by every old pile of ruins, but Split - which has its own currency called the kuna and does not use the euro - was uniformly much more affordable than other places we visited. 

4) The locals are genuinely not bothered by Americans. Or tourists in general. At least not that we could see. Perhaps they're better at hiding their disdain, but I suspect it has more to do with the fact that they aren't as pretentious as some other Europeans can be (don't get me wrong, I love Europeans...but it's true). That being said, I think Americans fare better in the Mediterranean than they do in western Europe anyway. Something about all that pasta and wine. It makes us much easier to get along with ;).

Also, my camera died while we were in port, so I only got a few pictures of Split. Still, I wanted to share them. Finally. Enjoy and happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! My husband and I will have to go here, especially for reasons #1 and 3. He's a huge history buff. Thanks for sharing and c'mon Spring!

amber said...

gorgeous! how lucky... these photos really make me want to travel. you must be having such fun! bummer about you camera... but at least you got a few good shots :)

yes... i am also hoping for spring/summer very soon...!