the "why" of blogging

The changes I recently made to the blog were done because I really wanted to eliminate the things I was doing for the sole purpose of trying to be like other bloggers. Instead, I want to write about what lights up my soul, what makes me truly long to share, and what gives me the opportunity to actually connect with this community, however small or large it might be.

When I started A Bundle of Contradictions, I gave it that name for two reasons: 1) It's an excerpt from Anne Frank's diary and she is the whole reason I began writing in the first place, and 2) because that's what I felt like I was: a bundle of contradictions. I still am. But becoming a mom has centered me a bit more in terms of what I long to become in life. It has streamlined my vision. I still have a wide variety of interests, but more than anything I want these three things:

1) To be a disciple of Christ and allow Him to work through me, every day, so that others might see Him more clearly
2) To love my husband and my daughter and love them well
3) To write and use my writing as a tool for service

Everything else, all my other passions and dreams, fall under these categories. So I gave this blog a new name - my name - because my identity isn't quite as confusing as I felt it was before. 

Along with a new name, I'm going to be sharing a few new series on the blog, ones I hope to continue with for as long as possible. I've done some series in the past but, again, they were short-lived and I only did them in hopes of making myself more relevant. That's not a bad thing, but it shouldn't be my focus. All I need to be concerned about any longer is being true and being real. That's what I want to read from other bloggers and that's what I want to give here.

And so I will. I hope you'll join me!


Lorna Mai said...

This is brilliantly written. I think it's so easy in all walks of life to be swayed by the majority. Surely it's better to reach one person for Christ than 100's of others. I tend to think people know when we're being false so being true to yourself is always the better thing.

My name is Wendi. said...

Thank you Lorna! You are so right!