mommy diaries // 3 months + happy weekend!

Happy Friday folks! I love Fridays. They're always my favorite. It's the start of the weekend and a few glorious days with no plans (or tons of plans, depending on the season). On Fridays, Monday still seems so far away. And since I don't like Mondays, it's a win-win for me.

But today is a special Friday: our little Lucy is three months old! Happy birthday, baby girl!

She grows by leaps and bounds each day and it's such a joy to watch her learn. Since the moment she emerged into this world, Lucy has had this glorious kind of curiosity about her and it makes my mama heart proud. Curiosity cultivates imagination, and imagination is the cure for all kinds of aches and pains because it gives us the one thing that cannot die: hope. 

These days, Lucy is an expert smile-giver and is on the threshold of her first laugh. Oh, I cannot wait for the day that she bursts into a giggle! It's so close, you guys. 

The sweetest moments now come from feeling Lucy's body grow rounder and stronger each day. Formula is a God-send and I don't care what anyone else says (that's not entirely true; I still carry around a lot of guilt about it because of the myriad bloggers/other moms who say formula is, actually, of the devil). For me, I have the best of both worlds. Lucy is still nursing and I pump every day. But she has formula at daycare, as I've noted before, and since she has gone from 3-4 oz. bottles every three hours to 5-6 oz. bottles every three hours in the last few weeks (!), I realize that she is now getting more formula than boobie. But I'm sticking with it. It's a special bonding experience for us and it won't last forever, so I'm in no hurry to stop even though it's easy to feel discouraged at times because I'm not doing it exclusively. I 'm a huge advocate for breastfeeding and I do it as much as possible, but sometimes it's just not logistically possible and I'm learning to let go of a perfect standard in favor of what will allow me to truly be present and available for my daughter, whether I'm holding a bottle or a breast.

At our last doctor's visit, Lucy was up from thirteen ounces in just eleven days! As it turns out, she was satisfied with the amount of food she was getting, and we fed her frequently enough, but she simply wasn't taking in quite as much as she needed to actually gain. Plus, the girl has grown FOUR inches since she was born so she was basically stretching faster than she could plump. We have another weight check in a few weeks so hopefully she'll be up close to the twelve pound range by that point.

Lucy baby, you are a delight. You're holding your head up so well and you don't hate tummy time so much anymore. You're almost big enough for me to hold on my hip and, man, those sweet little smirks are enough to stop my heart. I adore you. Happy three month birthday!

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