two months

Another month, another ridiculously cute picture of our baby girl.

It's insane how much she has changed in the last thirty days. The one-month photo I took shows Lucy bundled in her swaddle, her perfectly round head full of dark brown hair. And now I look at this one and see a little girl who has perfected the art of melting mama's heart with that grin. A little girl turning blonde and growing long.

I'm so glad I was picked out to be her mother.

At two months old, Lucy Jane is holding her head up for about twenty seconds at a time and is starting to coo when we talk to her. She still smiles constantly (love love love), sleeps through the night, and has gained all her birth weight back and then some. We have her two-month shots coming up and we'll find out exactly what her weight is then. I'm hoping she's close to eleven pounds, but it's hard to tell because she's gotten so tall and looks thinner as a result.

Lucy loves to be held and cuddled. The sling has been a lifesaver for us! Sometimes it's the only way we can get her to relax when she's fussy. I don't mind. I hope she always wants to be close to us. Pierce gets tons of sweet, adoring looks when we go out and he's wearing her on his chest. I'm truly a lucky woman :). I haven't used our Moby wrap too much just because the sling is easier, but I like to have it on hand for when Lucy gets a bit bigger and can't fit in the sling anymore.

We're still supplementing with formula to help Lucy get the nutrients she needs and also because I'm working full-time. But I've started pumping and I hope to stock up to our freezer so I can take those bottles with her to daycare in order for her to continue getting as much of my milk as possible. Plus, I need to make sure I keep my supply healthy for when we're at home in the mornings and evenings and she nurses.

Every day is new, exciting, and sometimes chaotic (okay, a lot chaotic), but we're making it work!

Happy two months, Lucy Jane. We love you!

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