that day my friend got married

So yesterday my friend of more than 27 years got married. And what a lovely (albeit COLD) day it was! Lucy and I spent the morning with everyone at her parent's house, the same house where that scar on my knee came from, where we ate tater-tots for snack time, where we ran in the woods, where we screamed at each other over who Jonathan Taylor Thomas would like more (JTT! You know you loved him, too), where we cried over stupid boys, where we made coffee for the first time, where we laughed. A lot. Where her parents still have a 23 year old picture of us in our ballet uniforms hanging on the wall. It was pretty cool to show Lucy all those places and people who helped shape my childhood. I know she won't remember, but we will.

Cassy, I love you. You were a beautiful bride and are an even more beautiful person. Congrats to you and your new hubby! Get ready for a big adventure. I can't wait to see what wonderful things are in store for you.


Lorna mai ltd said...

These look beautiful pictures, really romantic. Are the pictures above your friends home? Wow! a real life log cabin in the woods. Definitely my dream home! Thank you for sharing. I got your details from Fashion and Faith. I will follow you on bloglovin and pinterest.

My name is Wendi. said...

Thanks for the follow! No, it's not my friend's house. It's the restaurant where she got married, but I love it too! It was such a pretty place. Glad to have you here!