mommy diaries//taking it all in

Hi friends!

Today is the start of a new series on the blog called mommy diaries. I'm really proud of how well I've documented my pregnancy and the early days of motherhood, so far, and this series will just be a continuation of what's been done. The biggest difference is that I'll keep it short and sweet with a list of updates, rather than my usual Tolstoy-esque novels.

What Lucy's Doing This Week: 

Smiling every single day! It makes me so happy to know she's happy. Honestly, I never realized how much my own joy would come from what our baby girl is feeling. 

What Mama's Doing This Week: 

Adjusting to our new schedule. Baby girl started daycare with my husband's best friend's wife (got that?) who is an incredibly sweet woman and mama. They have a three-year old girl and she also watches another eighteen-month old boy. I get photo and text updates throughout the day and, since I can work remotely, I am able to stay close by in order to drop in whenever I want for kisses :). It makes me feel so good to know Lucy is being cared for by friends who love Jesus and will love her the same. So many people have opinions about mamas who work (and just about everything else), but it's good for my mental health and being healthy is crucial for me to give Lucy what she needs.

And let's be real here: having some time to myself during the day to focus on other important things has been refreshing. I know women are afraid to admit this because we think it somehow means we don't love our babies. But it's been really good for me to recharge my batteries each day.

Favorite Moments:

Again with the smiles. I cannot get enough of our sweet girl's beautiful, toothless grin! She is so lovely and tender and innocent. I hope to guard that for as long as I can. I know she'll face the messiness of life at some point, and I know it will be good for her to learn how to navigate those times, but this sweet season with her is one I want to last as long as possible. 

Mama or Papa: 

Lucy favors me right now. I try not to chalk it up to the fact that I'm nursing and she's just more familiar with me - even though it's tempting to assume that - but when she eyes me from across the room, or stops crying as soon as I hold her, or falls asleep to the sound of my becomes pretty clear. I'm tucking these moments away for when she truly becomes a Daddy's girl! I know that day is coming.

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