one month

It's here already. In fact, the day has come and gone. Our baby girl is just over one month old.

I could get extremely sentimental at this point and ramble on and on about how amazing and wonderful it is to be a mother (and it is), but I think I'll just stick with the basic facts for now and leave the emotions for later. In some ways, they are still very raw for me.

Since Lucy's birth, I will admit it's like I've been on constant sensory overload. Every thing I do - from what time I get up in the morning and what I wear to how long I can manage to run errands or even sit on the couch with Pierce and eat a hurried meal for dinner - revolve around our little girl. Going to the store means putting baby in her sling (which she loves!) and still wrapping my arms tight around her because I am terrified that at any moment the seams will rip and she'll go tumbling out onto the ground. It also means watching even more carefully for cars in the lot and attempting to predict exactly when they'll back out. Do they see me back here, twenty feet away, with my baby? Let's move the sidewalk instead. What's crazy about this whole adjustment, though, is how natural it becomes...even though it is absolutely exhausting. Sometimes even when Lucy has been a complete angel all day (and we're lucky...we've had lots of those days so far), I come home incredibly run-down by the sheer effort it takes to constantly think about her needs.

But Pierce...oh, my sweet Pierce. God definitely knew what He was doing when he designed the husband/wife partnership. There is no one more capable of being Lucy's daddy than my husband. I am so thankful He chose Pierce for us. Single mothers...I don't know how you do it. I cannot even imagine how you make it work. Props to heaven and back for you, my friends, because this is the toughest job there is. And knowing that I have someone else to share it with each day is such an inexplicable relief to me. Even better? Pierce is really good at it. He's generous and giving, patient and sympathetic. He's the best of the best, that one.

Okay, I promised not to be sentimental and there I go. I can't help myself.

Anyway, let's get to Lucy, yes? That's all you guys really care about, I know. She's just too darn cute to resist.

Lucy is, let's face it, the world's best baby. And I hope I'm not jinxing myself by saying so (especially since the dreaded 6-week growth spurt/sleep change is coming up soon). But it's true. After less than two weeks, she started sleeping through the night. For about three weeks I was exclusively breastfeeding (before we had those issues with her weight) and I'd nurse her about eight times a day, once every two hours like clock work. At first it was just one breast at a time, but then we started switching to both for each feeding to make sure she was getting enough food. Now we mix formula feedings and breast feedings throughout the day (usually formula while I'm at work and breast during the early morning and late evening). It hasn't affected her sleep schedule yet. That's partly why her lack of weight gain was so confusing. The girl was eating like a champ and sleeping like one, too. The pediatrician thinks that Lucy might simply have an intolerance to something in my diet (like dairy) and even though she's getting full, her body isn't processing the fats correctly. That's just conjecture at the moment, though and since the dairy isn't harming her in any way and formula is helping her gain weight, we're all good for the time-being. After we started supplementing with formula over the weekend, Lucy gained back five ounces! These are the things that bring me joy these days.

Oh, and her smiles...they kill me. Apparently, babies don't really begin smiling until about 6 weeks, but baby girl's got that skill down pat! She started smiling (in response to us and not just in her sleep or because she was filling her diaper) at about three weeks. Our pediatrician said she was "advanced" for her little age...which is, of course, what every mother doesn't realize she wants to hear until she does. Go baby girl! You are awesome, my love. I hope I can always make you smile the way you do now.

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