Here's to a happy Halloween, our five year anniversary...and maybe Lucy's birthday, too?

Is it just me...or have I been pregnant forever? 

We found out I was expecting when I was just four weeks along and subsequently told everyone we could think of within the 72-hour period following that discovery. One of my old college buddies just announced her pregnancy (at 12 weeks) and yesterday she posted the gender reveal photos on Facebook. I swear it seemed like four seconds between the two announcements, but that's probably because she waited until she was through the first trimester to share the good news. I'm not good at keeping secrets like that. Not my own, anyway...

I was praying really hard for a Halloween baby yesterday but, obviously, that didn't happen. It's okay, though, because I got a cute costume idea out of it and enjoyed taking what are hopefully some of the last photos of my ever-growing belly. I found out at my last appointment that Lucy is a "large seven pounds" :).

Anyway, I spent the rest of my afternoon trying to get over this dreadful cold and getting the house ready for my women's small group and trick-or-treaters. We had lots of them! I was really excited about that because this time last year we had just moved in and were not even remotely prepared for a bunch of costumed, screaming little ones to ransack our candy dish. So I just stood out in the front yard and waved at everyone as they dashed about in their costumes, feeling out of place and not at all like that weird next door neighbor who piddles about in the yard doing nothing every day.

The girls came over around seven and we finished up our study on Ruth (so good!), ate lots of good food (and maybe some candy, too), and spent a few minutes going around the room sharing our thoughts on the strengths of each woman in the group. It was kind of an impromptu feel-good exercise inspired by the study, but man, oh man, was it encouraging for this mama-to-be. We all hoped that Lucy would come sometime before midnight but we went to bed last night with baby girl still snuggled up close to my ribs. 

Perhaps she'll come today instead? After all, it is our five-year anniversary! We're just a bunch of old married folks now with a baby on the way. And can I tell you something? It's pretty darn amazing. I can't imagine sharing my life with anyone other than Pierce. There were times back in college when I thought I could, and would, but when I look back on the first five years of this incredible adventure, I almost weep with gratitude over the love we share and the simple ease with which we fit one another. This little home we've built together is full of laughter and silliness, love and comfort, hard-work and maybe a little bit of sarcasm, too. And, soon, it will be filled with the sounds of our sweet baby girl...and we cannot wait for that day!

It's a good life, you guys. A really good life.

Happy November! 

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