We've got a full-term baby over here!

Today, I am thirty-seven weeks pregnant, which means that Lucy is officially full-term and can come whenever she darn well pleases. I can't believe we're finally here! Of course, now begins the waiting period...and I can't decide if I want it to speed up or slow down.

For the last week or so, every time Pierce and I have had any time to ourselves I've thought, "Is this the last time we'll go out to eat just the two of us? Will this be our last night as just husband and wife? Is that pain a contraction?" I'm so excited I can hardly sit still (an exaggeration, I promise, considering the fact that I actually have a very difficult time moving around) and so is Pierce. Each morning when he leaves for work, he kisses me and then leans down to kiss my belly. It's my favorite of all our little routines and, soon, he'll be kissing our baby.

Our baby. Our daughter

We are going to be parents.

I really don't have any words at this point in my pregnancy. I've spent so much time thinking about the "what-ifs" that now I'm just ready for Lucy to be here. Even though I'm not really ready, you know? But all the questions I have come from not knowing...so the sooner I can know the sooner I'll stop worrying. At least about those things anyway...

Lucy girl, we're as ready as we'll ever be! And we can't wait to snuggle up with you and kiss on that cute little nose. Come on out whenever you feel like it. We'll be here with open arms.

A few updates:

Baby Lucy: This girl moves like a break dancer! Sources keep telling me that she will slow down as I progress because there is less amniotic fluid for her to move in. But she is defying those odds, I promise. Not only is she NOT slowing down, she seems to be speeding up! But, then again, I have been drinking a lot of sweet tea lately...

Mama: Difficulty staying asleep because pretty much every position gets uncomfortable quickly. Pelvic pain is worse than ever, but no surprise there. I can feel Lucy literally bumping against my pelvic floor, which is both a strange and slightly painful feeling. It's kind of like she's going to fall out...and since she dropped last week, I suppose that description is not too inaccurate.It's also pretty funny to see me try and get up off the couch on my own these days. I kind of can't wait until I have my mobility back! But, all in all, I feel as good as can be expected at full-term. I've been staying busy with work and friends and I'm enjoying the still growing belly :).

Also, my belly button is trying really hard to pop, but it just can't seem to get there. If it does, I'm going to have to snap a pic before it goes away again!

Classes: We took our breastfeeding class a few weeks ago and it was a HUGE help! I learned so much about how to get baby to latch properly, so I feel more confident about getting to experience that bonding time with little Lucy. 

Appointments: We are meeting the midwife once a week from now on until I deliver. I had my Group B Strep test last week. Yeah...that was fun. But it was negative so praise God for that! Lucy is, as always, head down and ready to go. So come on out, baby!

Weight Gain: 28 pounds as of my last appointment. My midwife said Lucy is probably weighing in around 6 pounds right now. I was 7.7 when I was born, as was Pierce, so I'm guessing she'll be pretty close to that, as well.

Happy Bump Day to you guys! 

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