Nursery Tour

So last week the hubs and I finally finished Lucy's nursery! It was a huge milestone for us in terms of preparing for Lucy because it allowed us to put away all her wonderful gifts, hang up pictures I've had sitting around for months, get her bassinet set up in our bedroom, and finally just get organized. There are still a few things here and there to get set up, like the dresser my dad is building for her and the slipcover for my nursing chair, but none of those things are crucial for her arrival. And can I just say that when we stopped to look around the room we realized that we bought almost none of the things we have for Lucy? We are so, so blessed. Truly.

What I love most about her nursery is that everything has a story. Every picture, every knick-knack, every book. Some of them I found at Goodwill early in my pregnancy when I was still dreaming about what seemed like the far-distant day our baby would arrive. Some are gifts from friends and family. And some are personal items passed on to us. I can't wait to share these stories with our little girl.

Lucy, darling, we are ready for you!

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